The Key to Success is Positivity

By Bizclik Editor

What is the key to success? There are many influencing factors, however perhaps the most influential is positivity. Without a positive attitude and outlook it is nigh on impossible to wake up in the morning and achieve what you set out to in the day; its hard to think of exciting and creative ideas when you are in a poor frame of mind and importantly, your negative attitude will rub-off on those around you, bringing down the mood and productivity further still.


Productivity is directly related to the mood you are in, and therefore to become successful, you need to have a positive attitude at all times to keep ahead of the competition. John C. Maxwell discusses this in his book How Successful People Think and outlines ten top ways to maintain a positive attitude and thus see success as a result >>>

#1. Positive Thinking is a Discipline

Firstly, if you don’t consider yourself a positive thinker, don’t panic. Positive thinking doesn’t always come naturally, sometimes it requires discipline and hard work. If you find yourself faced with a hurdle, don’t immediately focus on the negatives, but instead think constructively and productively about ways to overcome it. You should also take the time to consider the benefits this hurdle will bring in the long run; will it lead to an adjustment of processes, which will improve efficiency in the future for example?

#2. Use The 80/20 Rule

Understanding and listening to your priorities is a big step towards leading a more positive life. Ask yourself what is most important – be that a project you are really passionate about completing at work, or spending time with your family at the weekend – and then focus on that priority. As a rule, you should devote 80 percent of your energy to the most important 20 percent of your priorities.

80 20 rule.jpg

#3. The Sky is the Limit

Ambition is good for your mind – as soon as you become narrow minded you will begin to miss new opportunities and you will get bogged down with problems you face in the hear and now. An ability to see the bigger picture is vital to having a positive outlook, as is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who challenge you, expose you to new ideas and introduce you to new ways of thinking.

#4. Think Outside the Box

Don’t be led by what the majority are telling you to do and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Think outside the box and be willing to try new things. There is a popular quote, ‘Do something that scares you every day’ – this is an excellent philosophy. If you don’t try new things and challenge popular thinking you will get swept up in the norm.

#5. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail (But Leave Room for Spontaneity)

Successful and positive thinkers always have a plan of action, however they also realise that some of the greatest moments of innovation and realisation come from spontaneous discussion and action. Plan a course of action based on the knowledge and information you have to hand, but don’t be afraid to change the route if a better solution emerges.

#6. Do Different

Keep challenging yourself every day and do things differently. Spark up a discussion with somebody you don’t normally talk to, read an article about something you are not familiar with, change the way you do something at work and see if the results are different. This not only helps you grow as an individual, but also sparks positivity because you are learning and discovering new talents.

#7. Set Yourself Goals

Smart thinkers set themselves long-term goals; they plan their day, week, month and year – and importantly, they follow through. Achieving an accomplishment is very good for positivity and will drive further success in the future.

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#8. Take Time to Reflect

After everything you do, sit back and take a look at it. Consider what went well, what not so well, what could you have done better and ask yourself what you could learn from the outcome. Successful people learn from their past and use it to make their future better and more successful.

#9. There is No Such Word as Can’t

At least not any more - successful people fill their heads with confidence and positivity and it’s those positive affirmations that drive success and productivity. As we said before, positivity is not something that always comes naturally and must be worked on; each time you catch yourself being negative, correct it with a more positive and confident outcome. 

#10. Remember, You are Not Stuck in Your Ways

Change is always possible – don’t just write yourself off as a negative person, you can do something about it and make changes for the better, not only in your work life but your personal life too. Even though it may take time and lots of practice, you can change your thinking to get you more productive results and give you more fulfilment out of life.

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