Keeping Your Employees Healthy

By Bizclik Editor

 Written by Peter Walters


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a good boss.

Treating your employees well is important these days. In fact, most tech startups in Silicon Valley California cater lunch every day for employees. Many founders, however, are taking employee benefit packages a step further.

Companies worldwide are making the strategic business decision to focus on the happiness and health of their employees.

Take a look at these five tips for keeping your employees healthy and productive, reviewing whether or not your small business is getting things done right the first time around.

Healthy Snacks in the Office

Resist the temptation to buy oodles of junk food, soda and candy for your employees. While Oreos and Red Bull might be the de facto programmer snack at home, it won’t be in your office. While coffee is still a must, replace the junk with fresh fruits and veggies for munching. Snacks like beef jerky, nuts and dried fruit are great for protein as well. Naturally, minimally processed foods will keep your team more focused, alert and ultimately more productive.

Wellness Program

Depending on how serious you are, there are two possible routes here to take: pay for your employee’s gym membership, or offer an in-house wellness program that could include a yoga instructor, group training sessions, or just a gym in the office. However much effort and money you decide to put into this program, you’ll get a huge return on investment (ROI) in performance and happiness from employees. Encourage them to take an hour during the day to lift weights, go for a run, or take a meditation class.

Track Progress

Use a whiteboard to track employee’s progress each month in various areas of health and wellness. For example, if someone does 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and runs 2 miles they get 3 points. Low carb breakfast? One point. Pushed a new feature to production? Two points. At the end of the month, the person with the most points gets [whatever your budget permits that motivates employees.] People are competitive by nature, so a healthy outlet to track progress and compete is a great thing to do, too.

Standing Desks

There are so many benefits to a standing desk that I can barely contain myself! Since switching to a standing desk I have felt more energised, focused, engaged with co-workers and generally ready for action. My core strength and posture have also both improved. In addition, you’ll lose some weight also (so long as you pass on the candy!)

If you offer all of these options, you can almost guarantee your employees will be much more healthy, happy and ultimately more productive workers.

About the Author

Peter Walters is a freelance writer on various topics including reputation, social entrepreneurship and finding the right home security system. He is the Director of Biz Dev at Two Degrees Food and lives in sunny San Francisco with his five dogs and lovely wife. 


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