Five ways to streamline your growing business

By Bizclik Editor

Anytime a new business owner steps into the market place, there are going to be a few growing pains.  Even with the most elaborate business plans, surprises will come up and many new business owners quickly realize that they are spending much more money than they had initially estimated.  Once this happens, generally there is a mad scramble online for advice, many hoping they will find an answer to their problems, if they simply “click here”.  However, the best advice that anyone can give to a new business owner is the knowledge of how to streamline the business, and here are five examples of how streamlining can help you save some money.

5.  Hire an SAP Consultant

SAP software will definitely be a large change, but once implemented, this software can be used to streamline the important functions of your business.  Discussing the software with a consultant who is familiar with how it can benefit your business is a great way to see how you can save money by using a singular software solution rather than having different software, for different positions throughout your organization.  Click here for more information about SAP consulting.

4.  Don’t Hire More Than Needed

It is easy to become overly optimistic, when it comes to a new business and hiring the biggest staff possible almost seems to be a necessity, since you plan on your business booming.  However, when you hire more people than the work demands, you will have people who are, essentially, being paid for sharing a job between them, that they could easily handle, all on their own. 

3.  Create A Short Term Business Plan

Big picture thinking is a great way to avoid the tunnel vision that can come along with the opening of a business, but once you notice things are not quite going along your scheduled time line, it is time to reevaluate your business plan.  Set short term goals that will eventually lead to your long term endeavor.  Otherwise, you may become to overwhelmed to effectively  keep your business going.

2.  Advertise To Your Client Base

If you were to ask many successful businesses how they advertise, many will let you know that only a portion of their advertising is truly beneficial.  That is because many companies tend to spend money advertising to the entire world rather than limit their campaign to those who may be interested in their business.  For instance, if you sell cigars, you should advertise in areas that you know smokers visit often, such as bars or cigar shops.  Advertising your cigar shop near a hospital, on the other hand, may not work out so well.

1.  Remember That You Are An Employee

New business owners tend to forget that they are their own most valuable employee.  There is no one in your business that cares more about the success of the business than you do.  So, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!  By doing so, you can save money on your staffing and, more importantly, things will be done exactly as you want them.


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