Developing Your Employees' Careers

By Bizclik Editor

Steve Reynolds, CEO of Cox and Kings Australia comments on his role as a mentor in TIME (Travel Industry Mentor Experience) and outlines why business leaders and employers need to be accountable for the development of their employees’ careers.

“Staff is one of the most important assets in any organisation or business. Investing in this asset is crucial.

Organisations need to be accountable for the development of their employees’ careers. As employers we need to be conscious that we have a responsibility to offer development experiences for our staff.  It is essential that such development opportunities are created in order to nurture the talent that will innovate and lead the industry tomorrow. 

The survival of an industry and individual organisations is dependent on its ability to remain relevant in an ever more challenging and competitive environment.  A failure to develop and nurture tomorrow’s talent is a recipe for extinction.

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Mentoring plays a key role in business and staff development. It can enhance both the productivity and morale of an organisation. Implementing guidance and support structures within an organisation is one of the most effective ways to advance the potential of your staff and the future of your company.

Steve Reynolds

Throughout the course of my own career in the travel industry I have learned a lot from other people. The industry has been good to me, I have been fortunate with the experiences I have had and the people I have worked with. I became a mentor on the TIME program because I wanted to give something back to the industry. I find it very fulfilling to be able to offer some insight to an enthusiastic travel professional that has that drive and motivation to learn, and wants to advance their career.

Transferring knowledge to the next generation is central to all industry development. As employers we need to ensure that this process starts within our own teams and organisations. Being accountable for the development of our employees' careers not only influences their future but also the future of our business and our industry.”


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