Contribution from She Loves Data: The non-negotiable factor to get more women seated at the tech table

By Jana Marle-Zizkova, CEO, She Loves Data

To say the tech and data industry across Asia is booming is an understatement. It’s an industry I have personally been involved with for more than 20+ years – and over those two decades, as the popularity of the industry has grown, so too has my revelation that not enough women are seated at the ‘tech’ table

There are women throughout Asia who are hungry to have their voices on tech and data heard. I also know that many of us may feel nervous or hesitant to jump ‘all in’ and pursue a career in the industry. Many women hide their passions and skills for analytics, data science and data visualization, without the support necessary to flourish and fully realize their career aspirations.

Now, more than ever before, I am convinced we need more women in tech and data in Asia – industries that can be, for the most part, dominated by males worldwide. Women have skills and abilities to bring to the industry that don’t currently exist. In fact, data and digital literacy are one of the foremost skills we as women need in our ever-growing, globalized world.

By all accounts, the international landscape has become a completely data and tech-driven world. Global experts say the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already here – a complete technological revolution that will influence and impact all aspects of our societies and communities. There will be unprecedented technological breakthroughs in the very near future that all of us (both male and female) need to be equipped to manage and support.

Global research shows that teams with more diversity perform better. We know that males and females bring different ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, learnings, skills and innovation to the table – which can broaden horizons, expand effectiveness and improve our industries and societies.

But I believe there is one non-negotiable factor, that we need to improve on, to see more women seated at the tech table – especially across Asia.


The pressing issue is not solely about aspiration, skills or data-related knowledge – women in Asia need to be fully supported in their pursuit of joining the tech and data industries. The transition needed moving forward is about breaking industry-related barriers that different cultures place on women.

Women need to be inspired, accepted and equipped to succeed in business and as people. When we as women feel empowered and educated, we have the confidence to pursue our dreams and make a difference. When companies, communities and individuals invest in the right support for women throughout Asia – it will allow them to step out of defined boundaries, develop growth mindsets, define their personal brands, build resilience and understand the crucial impact of our technological future, and the necessity for their role in it.

A future guided by tech and data is inevitable. We need men and women to steer the world forward and continue to create, innovate and establish. But in order to achieve that, we need to start supporting women to develop tech and data skills – in a variety of different ways from workplace culture to accessibility to education, growing tech communities, ensuring collaboration, developing inclusivity and helping more women access the opportunity to play a key role in our global future.

The non-negotiable factor to get more women seated at the tech table is a responsibility for all of us reading this article – no matter or job roles or community influence. Because the changes, challenges and indeed the course of our collective future depends on all of us. The expected tech breakthroughs around the globe will being to govern the way we do business, the jobs we have, our societies and how our communities grow and develop.

We all have a role to play – let’s step up our support for women in tech, and grasp the potential of an exciting future together.


Jana Marle-Zizkova is the CEO and Co-Founder of She Loves Data which focuses on building the base of women in the tech industry 


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