Cashwerkz partner with AMAL Trustees

By Prateek V

The partnership will allow AMAL Trustees to better advise and invest client funds.

Cashwerkz has announced its partnership with AMAL Trustees, a leading wholesale corporate trustee. This adds to the growing roster of financial institutions taking advantage of Cashwerkz digital cash and term deposit investment platform.

AMAL Trustees will have access to cash and term deposit solutions through 49 finical institutions attributed to the platform. The next-gen identification and verification management solution means that investors don’t need to be identified at multiple stages of a transaction and allows for a much more streamlined operational efficiency in regards to bank switches and policy maturation terms being met.

“Cashwerkz’ platform gives us online access to 49 banks’ market competitive term deposit rates in one place, rather than needing to refer to individual bank rates. It also gives our clients an opportunity to more effectively manage their cash on behalf of their fund and removes the risks associated with a manual process,” said Phillip Joseph, Director – AMAL Trustees. “We are always looking for opportunities to improve the service we offer clients. Thanks to Cashwerkz we can now much more efficiently place funds for clients and simplify their fund’s administration,” he added.


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 Regulations in place through the Financial Services Royal Commission ensure that Trustees must put clients well-being at the forefront of their business. The deal will enable AMAL to do this through identifying competitive market rates for asset investments and significantly reducing administrative processes, streamlining the investment journey and collating targeted reports, designed to enhance AMAL Trustees customer experience.

Fund clients will now be offered a much broader choice from the cash and term deposit investments available to them. Cahwerkz’ platform also incorporates a robust added layer of security, as the company never touches funds invested through the platform.

The new partnership is the first time AMAL Trustees have looked outside the company for a term deposit and cash investment platform.

“Cashwerkz is delighted to welcome AMAL Trustees to our platform. This demonstrates the market’s growing appreciation of our deep understanding of trustees’ needs and the benefits our digital technology and innovation deliver,” said John Nantes, Cashwerkz Executive Chairman.


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