5 Of The Most Captivating Christmas Decoration Displays In Sydney

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We’re usually all business here at Business Review Australia, but we’re lightening up this holiday season with some fun pieces. Below are a few places you can take your family to enjoy the holiday, and work on the work/life balance you’ve been promising to be better about since the New Year of 2014.

Christmas Light Forest: Pitt Street Mall

Technology is playing a big part in Sydney’s Christmas decor this year. One of the coolest examples is the Christmas Light Forest at Pitt Street Mall. Visitors can download a free smartphone app that allows them to interact with and control the colour change sequencing. The trees are suspended from wiring and are made of thousands of LED lights that integrate with the free app.

Christmas Projections

Head to the City after sunset and watch in wonder as the Town Hall facade springs to life with vivid light projections every evening. New in 2014, digital projections will also feature on buildings at the King Street entrance to Pitt Street Mall, transforming the area into a magical landscape.

Interactive Christmas Tree: Martin Place

A touchpad kiosk near the interactive Christmas tree in Martin Place allows visitors to interact and control the colour settings of the LED tree decorations. But that’s not all. The “ribbon” circling the tree will display messages that you can text (with the number 0427840851) or send using the hashtag #sydxmastree. Can’t wait to see what next year’s interactions bring us.

Lights Of Christmas: St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is already a beautiful building, but when it’s “dressed” for the holidays it is stunning. You won’t see any actual decorations on the facade during the day, but it lights up the city at night. AGB Events, illuminates the cathedral’s 75-metre front with digital imagery and animation. It’s all set to a specially commissioned soundtrack and narration. 2014 signals St. Mary’s fifth year of putting on

Australia’s Largest Christmas Tree: Westfield Sydney

If you had all the LEGO bricks you wanted, what would you build? Ryan McNaught, LEGO Certified Professional, decided to build the biggest Christmas tree in Australia. How big is it, you ask? Well, it’s 10 metres tall and made of nearly half a million LEGO bricks—the biggest LEGO tree ever in the Southern Hemisphere.

But the tree isn’t all: there’s a life-size Santa and sleigh. Kids are sure to love the display, but I don’t know many adults who would shy away from the fun of LEGO.

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