The 3 different types of people you need to run a successful business

By Bizclik Editor

When choosing people to work with in business, it’s helpful to know that there are three different types of people that are required for success. When you understand these three types of people and recognize which one you are, you are then able to create optimal success by bringing in the people who will add the components that may currently be missing in your business.

1.     Connectors

Connectors like to talk and they’re good at it. These are the people with lots of phone numbers in their contact list. They are natural salespeople. They will talk to anyone about anything. They know what to say and when to say it. They know how to truly connect with people and it’s joyful for them.

Connectors are essential to the success of your business. You can hire connectors to be a part of your team and they can contribute dynamically to business growth. But it may not be required; sometimes connectors will actually come to you, pay you for your product and then tell everyone they know to buy product from you as well.

The connectors who buy products from you are quite often your best salespeople. If they like what you offer, they will tell their family, their friends, strangers in the supermarket… everyone they meet.

2.     Movers

Movers are people who know how to run a business. They are always 10 steps ahead. Their expertise lies in knowing what has to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow.

Movers are high energy people with lots of ambition. They are continuously looking at all of the possibilities and asking, “What’s required next?” And whatever it is, they make it happen.

If you are planning a class, an event or working on any type of project, a mover will take care of all the arrangements from booking the venue to advertising for the event to making sure the room is set up and ready to go.

Movers create a sense of ease for your business and projects. Whatever project they are working on, you can rest assured that they will know exactly what is required for every step of the process AND they will have everything in place way ahead of time. That’s the key to their success.

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3.     Creators

Creators are the dreamers; the visionaries. They are always looking at what they can generate and create next. Their ability is that they are able to see what is possible in business and in life. They naturally function in the questions of, “What else is possible?” and “What choices do I have?”

Creators are the people who have new ideas all of the time. They love having the vision of what something will look like. For creators, the beginning of an idea and knowing the future possibilities of that idea generates a sense of joy.

Connectors, movers and creators are all valuable

Connectors, movers and creators all contribute to your business in different ways. Each has their own unique set of talents and abilities. Each role has equal importance. One is not more valuable than the other. The elements of connector, mover and creator work together to expand your business with ease and joy.

Which one are you?

To gain more clarity on whether you are a connector, a mover or a creator, ask these questions: What do I enjoy doing and being within business? What’s fun for me? What makes me come alive?

We often work against ourselves. We have things that we are naturally good at. Things that are easy for us to do and that we totally enjoy doing. And, because these things are easy for us, we tend to discount them. We think everyone can do it so we consider it less than valuable.

The truth is, not everyone can do what you do.

You are the most valuable product of your business. When you get clear on what you enjoy doing and you choose to do that, you will begin to function in your greatest capacities.

Who are the connectors, movers and creators in your life?

If you don’t have someone with the skills of a strong connector, mover and creator in your business, you won’t have the elements in place to be successful. The good news is, you don’t have to do it all yourself!

Who are the people in your life that love to connect and love to talk? Who are the high energy, ambitious people who are skilled at moving things forward by knowing what is required way ahead of time and getting that in place? Who are the dreamers? The ones always coming up with new possibilities?

As you begin to look at this, you will find that you already know people who function in the capacities of connector, mover and creator. Now begin to ask, “Who or what can I add to my business?” And, “Who else has to come along to generate what’s needed?”

If you are a creator, where can you find a connector and a mover? If you are a connector, who would like to contribute to moving your business forward? Who would like to generate and create new ideas? Who can you add to your business that will create more?

As you begin to recognize what is required to expand your business, the tendency is to assume that you must hire staff. This isn’t actually true. Connectors, movers and creators are simply people who contribute to your business. Why? Because it’s fun for them. Will you receive it?

As you begin to do what’s easy and joyful for you and as you allow others to do what’s easy and joyful for them, everyone functions in their greatest capacities and not only does your business expand, you have fun in the process!


Simone Milasas is a business mentor and the author of Joy of Business.  She has been involved in a multitude of companies, and is presently the world wide coordinator of Access Consciousness® as well as the founder and creator of Joy of Business™.  For more information visit


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