Sep 17, 2020

The Top 10 Most Sustainable Businesses in Asia Pacific

Andrew Stubbings
6 min
chemical industry
Sekisui Chemical advert cityscape
Number 1: Sekisui Chemical...

Taking the top spot as Asia Pacific's most sustainable company is Sekisui Chemical, a provider of high performance materiels for a wide variety of fields like Electronics, Mobility, Construction and more. Headquartered in Japan, Sekisui and its subsidiaries make up the Sekisui Chemical Group. It has 26,000 employees in over 200 companies throughout 21 countries which aim to contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the environment. With a history of innovation, dedication and a pioneering spirit, they now hold leading positions in three diverse business divisions as well as top global market share in interlayer film, foam products, conductive particles and more.
Since its foundation in 1947, Sekisui has dedicated itself to social and environmental contribution and is now an internationally recognized leader in sustainability and environmental initiatives. 2020 is the third consecutive and fifth time overall that Sekisui Chemical has been included in the Global 100 index. They has been recognised in several categories in 2020, including clean revenue, resource and clean air productivity, innovation capacity, safety and employee retention. They were the highest ranked Japanese company among the six listed. 

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