Oct 29, 2020

KPMG: Top 10 Emerging Trends in Infrastructure

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Janet Brice
8 min
Business Chief takes a closer look at KPMG’s vision for the future...

Sustainability, risk, investment flows and socio-political change have been identified by KPMG as the biggest factors in their Emerging Trends in Infrastructure report 2020.

KPMG points to out a shift in the middle ground, along with the rebalancing of global dynamics, which will have a significant impact on the infrastructure sector. 

“Evolving risk perceptions and realities are creating amazing investment opportunities for those who know where to look. Technological change is creating space for less developed markets to leapfrog the mature markets,” highlights the report.

What is different in this year’s predictions is pernicious trends are now becoming intertwined and interdependent.

“We believe that to retain some level of control in this rapidly evolving environment governments, investors, developers and operators will need to move quickly to respond and reform. 

We hope this edition of Emerging Trends in Infrastructure helps inform that thinking,” said KPMG.

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