Mar 19, 2021

Huawei: Top 10 tends for data centre facilities in 2021

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With digital transformation accelerating industry-wide, Huawei unveils its top 10 trends of data centre facilities, from scalability and to AI enabled
Security and reliability...

As data centre infrastructures become more intelligent, network security threats are multiplied. The data centre must implement system-level, component-level, and device-level predictive maintenance. The data centre must have six features: hardware reliability, software security, system resilience, security, privacy, and always online availability. Hierarchical defence ensures data centre security and trustworthiness.

Huawei data centre energy products and technologies have made breakthroughs in products and technologies. In addition, Huawei cooperates with industry customers, partners, and third-party organizations to build an open, cooperative, win-win industry ecosystem. Looking forward, Huawei will continuously implement the concept of green and sustainable development, helping achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

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