Oct 23, 2020

Forrester: Top 10 ways to accelerate out of a crisis

Janet Brice
5 min
Business Chief takes a closer look at Forrester’s 2021 predictions for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region...

Technical agility and deep customer understanding is the spirit that will go on to define 2021, according to predictions from Forrester. 

The top 10 ways for businesses to accelerate out of a crisis – following the global pandemic - is to harness technology, adopt a digital platform and put the customer experience (CX) at the centre of everything, reports Forrester.

“Asia Pacific is finally entering a decade of a digitally levelled playing field. Firms in the region will be at par with or even exceed the rest of the world in terms of technology-driven business model innovation, commented Forrester.

“COVID-19 affected Asia Pacific first, and we expect it will also be the first to emerge from the crisis.”

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