Jun 01, 2020

Australia places 10th globally in higher education ranking

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Australia places 10th globally in higher education ranking

In an annual ranking of national systems of higher education conducted by a global network of research universities called Universitas, Australia ranked 10th out of 50 countries.

It’s one spot lower than Australia held a year ago, as it ranked highly in financial autonomy of public universities as well as the highest proportion of international students. The report was put together by researchers from the University of Melbourne.

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The countries are evaluated on a list of 25 aspects separated into four groups — resources, environment, connectivity and output. The majority of it is based on output, which accounted for 40 per cent of the ranking, while each of the other three made up 20 per cent each.

The rankings are based upon the higher education system as a whole that affect the higher education system, and not just research-intensive universities.

Australia ranked sixth for environment, seventh for output, 13th for connectivity and 18th for resources. Below is the order of the top-10 ranking.

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10. Australia

9. Singapore

8. United Kingdom

7. Netherlands

6. Canada

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5. Sweden

4. Finland

3. Denmark

2. Switzerland

1. United States

Source: WhaTech.com

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