May 19, 2020

Wroxby and Minderoo bosses enter Australian honey business

Andrew Forrest
Kerry Stokes
Andrew Woods
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Wroxby and Minderoo bosses enter Australian honey business

Rival beef magnates Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes are making massive in-roads into honey.

Australian bees are increasingly viewed as the healthiest bees on the planet, due to the country's strict quarantine laws and this has prompted the billionaires to use their successful supply chains to make some formidable moves into honey.

Mr. Stokes has injected $29 million into the ASX-listed Capilano Honey, which is by far Australia’s leading brand. Stokes hopes to tap into the growing international demand for Australian honey, which was recently certified as anti-microbial.

Meanwhile, Mr Forrest’s Minderoo Group is to start exporting Western Australia (WA) honey under its Harvest Road brand – using the existing supply chains of Harvey Beef – to Asia, principally China, by August this year.

WA varieties such as jarrah and marri (from the WA native jarrah and marri trees) are hoping to compete with the successful manuka honey from New Zealand, which has has traded well off its anti-bacterial qualities. 

According to Minderoo investment manager John Hartman, the jarrah honey industry is “… at the really early stages of understanding the medicinal benefits it might hold”. 

New Zealand's Unique Manuka Factory Honey Association said their country’s export value was sitting at $275 million with the potential to reach more than $1 billion.

However, recent research found that Australia was home to more native Leptospermum plants than New Zealand and could potentially hold stronger antibacterial properties.

Australia’s strict quarantine laws means that its bees and trees are free from pests, diseases, antibiotics or pesticides.

Certified honey from Australia has already created a rising demand in China and Japan with Australian manuka currently fetching up to $40 a kilogram.

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Jun 22, 2021

Digital Leader Mobiquity Expands Into Asia-Pacific

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Mobiquity pursues a vision of global growth with its first APAC hire—Gustavo Quiroga, its new Vice President of Business Development Financial Services

As an international digital consulting firm, Mobiquity helps a global client base upgrade its digital banking and financial services. The company employs 1,200 team members across 50+ nationalities and serves an estimated 200+ million users each day. Recently, the company built out a digital banking experience for the Bank of the Philippines Islands’ online and mobile platforms—exemplifying its mission to help leading brands engage with technology in meaningful ways. 


To highlight Mobiquity’s services, here are a few of the company’s recent accomplishments


  • Designed and developed the first FDA-approved digital medicine system
  • Launched a five-star mobile ordering app
  • Pioneered a cloud-based IT infrastructure that prevented bank fraud
  • Built the official AWS re:Invent 2017 and 2018 mobile apps 


What Makes Mobiquity Stand Out? 

According to Mobiquity, it's the people that make all the difference. ‘We’re born innovators who like meaty challenges’, the company wrote. ‘We go deeper, getting to the root of your customers’ friction and creating personalised engagements that deliver much more than a digital experience alone’. Now, the company has added former Microsoft and IBM director Gustavo Quiroga to its team. 


Who Is Gustavo Quiroga? 

At Mobiquity, he’ll be the first Vice President of Business Development Financial Services in APAC. With years of experience in the industry, Quiroga has developed numerous tech, business, and customer experience projects: at Microsoft, he led a top Aussie Azure Data and AI specialist team, and at IBM, he applied AI and deep analytics to transform the company’s business processes, CX, and UX. 


Based in Sydney, Australia, Quiroga will start to work with Mobiquity clients in Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines and take responsibility for expanding the company’s regional operations. ‘Our best way to impact client outcomes’, he wrote, ‘is by listening to them with an inquisitive and open mind and empowering our people to do the same’. 


When notified of the announcement, Quiroga expressed excitement over his new role. ‘I’m delighted to join Mobiquity and support the company’s rapid expansion across the Asia-Pacific region. I joined Mobiquity to develop, design and implement digital products and services that create meaningful experiences with customers...and I look forward to using my expertise to develop partnerships where we can achieve this every day’. 


Where Does Mobiquity Go From Here? 

In the past six months, Mobiquity has hired over 100 new employees, including the high-profile additions of Howard Moore, Senior Director of Banking, and Ruby Walia, Senior Advisor for Digital Banking. This falls in line with the company’s hyper-growth strategy to deliver digital products to the world. 


As Matthew Williamson, Mobiquity’s Vice President of Global Financial Services, explained: ‘Our appointment of Gustavo demonstrates [our] commitment to hiring an A-list team of talent. The latest addition to the Mobiquity team supports our vision of global growth in Asia-Pacific, as a recognised partner within the banking and finance ecosystem’.


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