May 19, 2020

Business Review Australia & Asia 2016 is now live

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August issue Business Review Australia & Asia
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Harry Allan
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Business Review Australia & Asia 2016 is now live

In June I was privileged to visit Singapore to explore how the small but mighty Asian Tiger economy is working to build and deepen its trade links with a number of African countries.

My article gives an informative overview of the current business relationship, as well as opportunities for future collaboration. Expect to see insight from Singaporean Government Ministers, as well as leaders from a range of both African and Singaporean companies.

We also explore how to get the best return on your IT investments, as well as China’s six largest companies.

This issue explores the successes of a number of companies including Independence Group, NSW Trains, Ergon Energy and Axon Singapore. 

Enjoy the read,

Nye Longman


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