How Volkswagen Group Australia transformed its customer experience program

By Harry Allan

Volkswagen Group Australia, the country’s leading European car importer, has improved its customer experience program by providing real-time customer insights. The company chose Qualtrics as its customer experience insights platform across its 103 dealerships.

Prior to implementing Qualtrics, Volkswagen Group Australia measured only customer satisfaction. With the migration to Qualtrics Volkswagen Australia has taken the opportunity to further evolve its’ customer experience program. With the assistance of the Qualtrics platform Volkswagen now has a deeper understanding of the customers experience while also providing dealerships with real-time alerts to areas of customer dissatisfaction.

Jason Bradshaw, Director of Customer Experience, Volkswagen Group Australia said “We were looking for a platform that would help accelerate our obsession for delivering a consistently premium customer experience. This required a platform that would evolve with our program, the Qualtrics platform gave us this.

Bradshaw went on to say, “We believe at the heart of delivering a sustainable customer experience is understanding and being focused on the experience of both our customers and Team Members. The Qualtrics platform allows us to marry together both customer and employee insights. It is cohesive and importantly allows our dealerships to be able to leverage the insights which are delivered.”

Bill McMurray, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics said, “Most organisations are thinking about how to gather customer satisfaction, or employee engagement results, but still coming to grips with the idea of bringing the two together and leveraging the combined data. It’s clear that if you drive customer satisfaction up, the propensity to buy is higher. The more engaged employees are, the better the service to customers, which then drives customer satisfaction and hence, revenue.”

Bradshaw said, “Qualtrics was rapidly deployed within 60 days and now our dealerships are easily able to identify a customer problem, collaborate with their team members and take action in real-time. Previously, it was a much more static environment.

“Qualtrics was the only platform that could provide an excellent level of sophistication and flexibility. For the first time our customer insight dashboards are available for dealerships on mobile devices and desktop. No one has an excuse for not knowing what their customers are saying.”

Unique features of the Qualtrics platform includes a dynamic closed-loop follow up that enables organisations to quickly resolve customer issues at scale using automated ticketing and customised, role-based dashboards. In the case of Volkswagen Group Australia, this functionality and visibility is now available to all dealerships.

Bradshaw said, “Dealers are now engaging with the CX team and not just asking the transactional question, but how to understand why a customer might say they’re satisfied in their comments but still not be ready to recommend us. We’re having pointed conversations with dealers who are completely engaged around the nuances in services delivery in order to take it to the next step. Previously this was hard to do when the information was buried or held in the vault at head office.”

McMurray said, “We are delighted that Qualtrics was chosen by Volkswagen Group Australia as the best-of-breed platform to support their customer experience program. After a very successful implementation, we are excited about the opportunity to continue working with the team as they strive to constantly improve their customers’ experience.”

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