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North Clackamas Schools

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North Clackamas School District (NCSD) is Oregon's seventh-largest school district and spans more than 40-square miles just southeast of Portland, Oregon. This information is designed to provide an overview of this dynamic school district, which serves the communities of Milwaukie and Happy Valley, along with other parts of Clackamas County. Visitors are encouraged to explore NCSD's website, Facebook, and Twitter (@nc12schools) accounts to learn more. Each of NCSD's 31 schools has a website and most have a social media presence, so take a look! Learn about why our graduation rates are at the highest levels. As each student enters a North Clackamas Schools District, dreams are nurtured, history and cultural heritage are celebrated, love of learning is fostered and educational, physical, emotional and social needs are supported. The principle of equity goes beyond formal equality where all persons are treated the same. Instead, equity fosters an inclusive and barrier-free environment in which everyone will fully benefit.

Executives in North Clackamas Schools

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Derrick Brown

Executive Director of Technology at North Clackamas Schools District

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