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DISH Network

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DISH was founded on adventure and an unshakeable desire to win. It’s what drove them to launch satellites into space when people said they couldn’t. To take on the world’s largest industrial corporation when people said they shouldn’t. To connect millions of Americans to the TV they love when the cable companies wouldn’t. 

And now, they’ve evolved with the goal to change the way the world communicates. Having foreseen the impending decline of satellite TV, they expanded the company so that they could provide a streaming service that achieves the same standard of service. Now, they are working in the wireless space and pushing the boundaries of new technology, by deploying open-RAN, building a standalone 5G network, and so much more.

In short, they created a connectivity company that’s built to serve, transform and facilitate innovation.

Executives in DISH Network

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Stephen Bye

EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, DISH Wireless

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Marc Rouanne

EVP & Chief Network Officer, DISH Wireless

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Dave Mayo

EVP of Network Development, DISH Wireless

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