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3Degrees is a leading global climate solutions provider, helping organisations around the world achieve their climate goals and take urgent action on climate change. For more than 15 years, 3Degrees' work has been driven by the need for urgent climate action, and the company has since carried out critical tasks to support businesses in their efforts to do so.  

As a group of pioneering climate solutions specialists, the company was founded by Steve McDougal and Dan Kalafatas when the climate science guidance was to limit the global temperature increase to three degrees Celsius. Since then, the target has lowered to 1.5 degrees Celsius, making the firm’s mission to address climate change even more urgent.

3Degrees is proudly certified as a B Corporation and has introduced many solutions to drive renewable energy and decarbonisation; it facilitated the largest aggregated renewable energy transaction to date, led the first voluntary renewable energy certification (REC) option trade in the US, and negotiated the first utility green tariffs in the states.


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Maureen Bray

Senior Director, Energy & Climate Practice - Strategy, EMEA

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