Watson Drilling: Experts in Drilling in Harsh Environments

Watson Drilling: Experts in Drilling in Harsh Environments

Watson Drilling, a leading resource and water drilling organisation, providing service to private, mining corporate, rural and government sectors. The company specialises in ground water supply for mines, which has become a major service offered by the business in the last five years.


With expertise in water drilling and exploration with services including: Mud rotary (with depths up to 1000 meters), Down-hole hammer, Pump Testing, Exploration, Wireline coring as well as conventional coring up to depths of 1500meters, RC drilling, RAB, Mobile camps, and additional plant and equipment available for hire, including back hoe, excavator, mud pumps, generators, light towers, test pumps and more. Watson Drilling is able to offer their clients a range of services that compliment the company’s professionalism and can-do attitude.


Ability to Work in Any Terrain


The employees in the field at Watson Drilling are multi-skilled licensed drillers, meaning they can complete several different forms of drilling. The company and their drilled experts can tackle most geological formations. The machinery Watson Drilling employs is all-terrain, allowing them to work in all environments. In fact, Watson Drilling’s ability to adapt to different types of environments and geologies is what they are known for.


“Our goal is to continue to get the Watson Drilling name out there, so that our clients and prospective clients know that we’re a one-stop shop that can take on difficult locations, geology and drilling conditions,” said managing director Rex Watson. “We’re happy to take the tough jobs on, to advise and lead. We can travel to where the need may be.” Watson Drilling is able to fulfill their commitment to travel anywhere, anytime, as fully accredited and fully licensed professionals.


The success of Watson’s supply chain is a driving factor of their success in remote area drilling.

“Our supply chain runs smoothly because of the long-standing relationship our company has with certain businesses that know what we go through, where we have to be and how to help us get there,” commented Watson. “We've become fairly loyal to those who not only look after us with their pricing but actually look after us in their service, which can be more important than the price in the long run.”


Employee Safety


The safety of their employees is a high priority for Watson drilling. The company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Plan and Safe Work Procedures help to create a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible work environment.


The company is very mindful of the environment and has environmental policies and procedures in place. These ensure that the company does not have any negative effect on cultural or heritage sites, or contaminate the environment or aquifers. This is especially important in regards to all Watson Drilling’s projects.


Their plans and procedures include rigorous routine inspections and hazard identification procedures; early identification and removal of workplace hazards; monitoring and updating safety procedures to improve performance; and compliance with government regulation and legislations.


Training programs are another way Watson Drilling maintains their high quality safety programs. All employees who operate drilling equipment are inducted and assessed using Drilling Industry Competency Standards. The company also has ongoing practical training that develops the more day-to-day safety habits, including JSA’s, Take Two’s, SWP’s, Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Job Hazard Analysis, Fire Extinguisher training, Drilling Licenses, and others.


Current Projects


Australia is the driest continent on the planet, so it is important that the earth’s greatest natural resource is protected. When Watson Drilling engages in a new water drilling project, the company offers their clients advice and information to assist in understanding each territories unique regulations on ground-water use.


Watson Drilling is currently involved with water drilling for fracking and infrastructure projects for large mining companies; some of these projects are in very remote locations and see harsh conditions. These water drilling projects have been going on for at least two years, although this year saw the addition of two new clients on top of their current client list.


Another of Watson Drilling’s services is the set up and maintenance of mobile camps. These living quarters can be provided for weeks at a time. They are set up and completely usable by workers in remote locations, making Watson Drilling the ultimate one-stop shop for projects. In the future, Watson Drilling wants to retain its small company appeal, and be an industry leader in their specialised field.


“I’d like to continue to grow our sound reputation, of not being large company, but a company that when you give us a job, you don’t have to worry about it. We want our clients to know that once they hand it over to us, we’ll take care of it from there.”

Rex Watson