Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project

The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project is the single largest state investment in regional hospital upgrades in New South Wales. This project gives Hansen Yuncken the chance to be able to further expand their position in the region’s health sector.

Phases of work

The hospital is under construction to cater to the future needs of the area, with the redevelopment project broken up into three phases. The first phase was a new mental health building, and it was completed in 14 months by October of 2013. The building includes an 8-bed high dependency unit, a 22-bed acute unit, 20-bed sub-acute unit, management offices, courtyards, landscaping and car parking.

Phase two consists of building a new acute hospital building, and is valued at around $180 million for the project. It’s located on the site of the old mental health building, and is due for completion at the end of 2015. Construction has just begun on this phase. The facility will include a new emergency department, imaging and diagnostic services, procedure centre, critical care service, women’s and children’s health, pharmacy services, increased support services, multiple levels of inpatient units, a rooftop helipad and associated back of house and engineering services.

So far, the biggest challenge for the project has been working around an existing hospital. Hansen Yuncken has had to do some transfers, such as building and relocating the mortuary and building a new loading dock to make working around the fully operational hospital possible. The company also spends a lot of time designing the layout and footing design of the construction zones, because the ground conditions are less-than-ideal, as the site is located on a floodplain and is mostly clay soil.

As safety is a high priority for Hansen Yuncken with all of their projects, the company has developed their own risk assessment course that is rolled out to all employees and all subcontractors. Employees involved in the Wagga Wagga project take a two-day course; subcontractors take a one-day course.

Phase three is expected to begin at the start of 2016 and is scheduled to be completed April 2017. Work will included the front entry canopy, new on-grade car parking and a landscaped forecourt. This phase will also include the demolition of the existing buildings.

The redevelopment project is being undertaken as a jointly funded health service infrastructure investment initiative, under the Health and Hospitals Fund Program with the Australian Government contributing $55.1 million and the State providing $215 million.

Use of BIM 360

The BIM 360 is a building information modelling program. Hansen Yuncken is applying this program on their iPads in the field for quality and safety management measures. “This allows us to review how we're going with things and make improvements where required,” said Michael Martin, project manager. By having mobile technology at hand, these improvements can be made on the spot.

With the BIM 360 software, users can take photos or make drawings, and upload them to one centralised location. With all of the information located in one convenient electronic spot, gone are the days Hansen Yuncken has to use paper for safety and quality assurance tracking.

Another helpful feature is the option to contact people outside the immediate business like subcontractors. This way, they can upload information straight into Hansen Yuncken’s system, so there is no need to double handle data, forms or information.

The BIM 360 program can also handle 3D modelling. Instead of clients getting a mock up of their design on paper, they now have access to an interactive 3D model, which provides more detail and a better look into the plans.

Hansen Yuncken prides themselves on providing their clients with a high level of service. Much of their work comes from repeat business. To be able to turn first-time clients into repeat clients, the company provides them with the best service throughout the whole process. By controlling the design, Hansen Yuncken stays in budget and is able to assist the client with whatever problems may come up during the project.

The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project is currently on time and on budget. With the BIM 360 and their comprehensive understanding of the site and the clients’ expectations, Hansen Yuncken will be about to deliver another high-quality project.

Michael Martin