Varley Group: Defence & Aerospace Leaders

Varley Group: Defence & Aerospace Leaders

As one of Newcastle’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies, Varley Group has provided its customers with innovative solutions and quality designs and products for over 125 years. The company has worked on projects in several different disciplines and industries including defence and aerospace, specialised vehicles, electric vehicles, power services, ship repair rail services and telescopic towers. Recently, in 2013, Varley Group acquired Telescopic Tower Enterprises in Queensland and BJM Electrical.

Varley Group is committed to safety, in ensure the welfare of its people and visitors; customer focus, to offer the best customer service through open and honest relationships; high quality workmanship, to ensure high-quality products, services and employees; acceptance of change, to adapt to changes in customer needs, technology and social demands; and success, to secure continuing financial, technical and market success.

With locations in New South Wales, Sydney and Brisbane, the company has demonstrated its expertise on projects both large and small, earning a reputation for first class work locally, nationally and internationally. By providing quality customer service and a broad but specialised skill base, Varley Group has had the competitive edge in the region since its inception.

Defence & Aerospace

Varley Defence & Aerospace has been a recognised supplier of engineered military products since its establishment in the early 1980s. This division of the company has been responsible for the design and manufacture of a wide variety of land, air and sea products for military applications. For over 30 years Varley Defence & Aerospace has been building up extensive knowledge and experience.

The company is able to provide services ranging from conceptual design through to product manufacture and provide through-life support. Several products are available from Varley Group’s defence and aerospace line:

  • Deployable shelters and enclosures integrated with tactical mission systems and logistics support equipment
  • Specialised trailers fitted with stabilising system and elevating platforms
  • Specialised vehicles bodies and modules
  • Specialised aircraft ground support equipment (GSE)
  • Customised storage and transportable containers
  • Marine gangways and accommodation ladders

This particular arm of the company prides itself on its continuously improving service to customers— which includes both the Australian Defence Force and Defence industry alike—providing innovative, integrated and cost-effective solutions and continually factoring lessons learnt into the company’s approach to new projects.

Major Contracts & Manufacturing Skills

In both prime and sub-contract arrangements, Varley Defence & Aerospace offers customers the benefits of knowledge, experience, flexibility, and highly skilled design and manufacturing teams supported by the full resources of the Varley Group of companies.

Most significant contracts include:

  • Land121 Phases 3A & 5A Vehicle Modules for new fleet of Army G-Wagons
  • RAAF Transportable Air Operations Tower (TAOT) Mobility Systems
  • Deployable Tyre Maintenance System (TMS) Shelters
  • F-35 JSF Landing Gear Handling Systems and Canopy Lifting Assemblies
  • AP-3C Orion Aircraft Docking Stations, and Mobile Work, Support and Access Platforms
  • Army Medium Maintenance Shelters
  • Assemblage Enclosures for Battlefield Telecommunications Network
  • RAAF Control, Command and Communications Shelters
  • Fit-out of MECC Expandable Shelters
  • Secure Office Shelters
  • Air Defence Vehicle Bodies

These projects were supported by Varley Group’s expertise and highly developed skills in manufacturing. Below is a list of skills the company has mastered and can offer to its clients. 

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machining
  • CNC routing
  • Lightweight metal fabrication
  • Fusion Welding
  • Vehicle building
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Fit-out (mechanical, electrical, data/video/audio cabling)
  • Vehicle body/chassis building
  • Auto electrical 12V/24V
  • Electrical 240V/415V
  • Fibreglass and laminated panelling
  • Spray painting
  • Panel beating
  • Plumbing
  • Shipwright
  • Product maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade
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