Timber Development Association (TDA) NSW

Timber Development Association (TDA) NSW

The Timber Development Association of New South Wales (TDA) is a non-profit industry association representing all segments of the timber industry, from manufacture to supply. TDA was incorporated in 1938 and for over 70 years has effectively promoted the use and the sale of Australian and imported timber and timber related products.

TDA’s original mission was to promote the use and sale of timber of all kinds — whether native to Australia or imported from abroad. It was also mandated to promote the interests of all persons, firms or companies in Australia involved with timber or wood technology or engaged in forestry.

The TDA mission has evolved considerably over the years with TDA concentrating on the technical advancement and sustainability of the building and construction sector by R&D and education projects within the timber industry.


TDA Sustainability Statement

The TDA will integrate the principles of sustainability into all our decision making processes, to mutually ensure the optimisation of welfare of this generation and all future generations. We will continue to encourage the industry we represent to be dynamic and develop business practices and products that promote sustainability. We aim to ensure the long term health of the natural resource and achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability within our industry.


The TDA also presents sponsored by WoodSolutions educational tutorials and seminars on varied topics to inspire building professionals in the use of timber for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.


TDA also initiated and runs the annual Australian Timber Design Awards which commenced in 2000. The Australian Timber Design Awards (www.timberawards.com.au)  are a national competition to promote and encourage outstanding timber design in the built environment professions.

Andrew Dunn