Shifting gears

Shifting gears

For fleet managers searching for outstanding quality, great results and full regulatory compliance, look no further than Minecorp.

The Australian leader in safe, sturdy and compliant fleet vehicle modification, Minecorp manufactures and installs fit-out solutions for all commercial fleets, while working with customers to ensure a customised solution with quality automotive accessories, components and a complete vehicle conversion that is fit for purpose when customers need it.

A proud member of its Thailand-based parent company RMA Group, Minecorp traditionally has been heavily involved in the mining and resource sector. A world leader in design, manufacture and installation of light and heavy duty vehicles, purpose-built modified vehicles and fleet solutions, RMA Group has supplied over 45,000 vehicles to a diverse global customer base including major mining sites, non-governmental orgainisations (NGOs), the United States government as well as corporate clients.

As one of Australia’s top suppliers of fleet applications, Minecorp is firmly entrenched as RMA’s only company in the Australian automotive division, and creates a mutually beneficial business environment and the highest possible standards of industry knowledge and service delivery.

With its Australian headquarters located in Brisbane, along with a satellite facility in Perth that conducts vehicle modifications and warehousing in the west Australian market, Minecorp has invested heavily in research and development (R&D) in recent years.

Today, Minecorp caters to much more than just the mining industry. The company has expanded into other commercial fleet markets such as service and utilities vehicles, local government, emergency services and military.

Adjusting to the market

Most of the company’s expansion is due to the recent downturn of the mining sector, but as all the top companies do, Minecorp has adjusted on the fly and branched out into other industries.

The fall of the industry was a blow to the company’s primary revenue stream, but Minecorp General Manager Angus McIntyre acknowledged the company has always had aspirations of diversifying into other sectors.

“The downturn of the mining sector has both forced us and allowed us to start that diversification process, which is a good thing long term,” said McIntyre. “But it certainly has been tough and has had a big affect on revenue and turnover.”

Making the transition has had many obstacles, such as ensuring its products are the right fit for these new industries.

“It’s been a challenge in changing that mindset. At the end of the day, there are sectors out there that we probably don’t fit into—that are completely cost-driven, or don’t consider safety and functionality as important as other factors.

“The challenge is proving to some of these newer sectors that the product and the offering that we provide still can fit the purpose of their industry,” said McIntyre. “Their mindset is that we’re mining and therefore probably too expensive for their requirements. Part of the diversification process has been to make sure we’ve got fit-for-purpose products for these other industries as well.”

Branching out

Minecorp successfully completed a project for the Australian Defence Force last year, which was the company’s first direct supply project for the military organisation. Minecorp has also turned its focus to commercial construction and civil infrastructure.

Making these contracts even more impressive is how difficult doing business in Australia has been compared to other parts of the world.

“For the industry as a whole, the Australian economy is just a tough operating environment, and probably has been for a good 2-3 years,” said McIntyre. “Some of our strengths in terms of what might be different from overseas markets is Australian corporations historically put safety at the forefront of business operations That seems to have taken a backward step in the last few years.”

“Cost seems to be the main driver in a lot of less developed markets,” McIntyre continued. “But at Minecorp, we like to think of ourselves as a leader in the industry when it comes to functional, safe operational fleet vehicles. We like to offer good value for money, but quality and functionality is very important in terms of our client base and what we offer.”

In-house safety and quality

As important as functionality is for Minecorp, the company’s main goal is making safety the priority. As McIntyre described, safety is at the forefront of everything Minecorp does.

“We promote it pretty heavily externally in terms of our products providing safety for our clients, and we back that up pretty heavily with internal safety systems,” said McIntyre. “We spend quite a bit of time promoting that with the staff and making sure we have safe work practices in place. We keep that in mind as we’re delivering projects to clients.”

Minecorp values putting its employees in the best position to succeed. The company provides comprehensive induction programs, as well rehabilitation opportunities for non-company employees who may struggle returning to the workforce whether due to an injury or another incident in their lives.

A very integrated business, Minecorp has its own in-house research and development team while also practicing CNC technology in its manufacturing process.

Further expansion

In the future, Minecorp plans to continue expanding into other sectors, as well as building on its core client base. A large part of that process is its R&D capability and technical knowledge when it comes to vehicle functionality and vehicle safety, as some of the company’s long-term aspirations revolve around emergency services and the military.

In addition, branching out into other sectors such as the agriculture industry may also be on the horizon, according to McIntyre.

“One of the benefits we offer clients is a customised package our R&D team can put together that helps meet operational requirements,” McIntyre said. “A lot of what we’re doing in terms of marketing is trying to promote this customisation, and utilise some of the examples we’ve created over the last two years.”

In today’s ever-changing culture, it’s good to do business with a company that embraces the transition as adeptly as Minecorp.

Angus McIntyre