SEANZ announces upcoming November conference

SEANZ announces upcoming November conference

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SEANZ develops industry capability and capacity through advocacy, policy, industry standards, events, connecting industry professionals and collaborating with electricity industry stakeholders.

SEANZ is an independent entity representing organisations from SME's to global corporations, from those in the lab, to those in the supply chain from manufacturers to system integrators to finance organisations as well as some utilities and system operators, who understand and have embraced the distributed generation (DG) business model - represented by solar PV, wind turbines and mini hydro.

SEANZ represents the interests of all members in the industry and works collaboratively with many organisations to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes.

Mission Statement

  • Drive the growth of onsite renewable electricity generation in New Zealand by developing capacity and capability of the industry
  • Keep abreast with the technological change in the industry to include smart grid and associated technology and services

The NZ Scenario

Starting from a low base, the number of solar power systems across the country has more than tripled in the last 18 months, a 220 percent increase.

This growth has is creating challenges for the electricity industry. SEANZ is committed to working collaboratively across the industry to ensure that a 21st Century grid is affordable, fit for purpose, and benefits consumers and all those involved in the industry.

On the changes happening

As is the case around the world, consumers are moving to solar because it offers specific values that many traditional power companies cannot and that will continue unless those power companies respond to consumer demand.

Regulatory and legislative reviews are underway in New Zealand of the rules that govern distributed generation, pricing, and the role of distribution companies. SEANZ is actively involved in this conversation and submits its position on all of these reviews.

Many fear that consumers with solar and batteries will defect from the grid, however at SEANZ, we are advocate for a market design which accepts consumers have the right to interconnect and operate small-scale generation-plus-batteries under a fair, transparent charging regime.

In particular this relates to the ability to sell surplus distributed generation energy locally and not be forced to sell to a wholesale market.

There are benefits to keeping solar customers grid-connected but the network and the services it offers will have to change. At SEANZ we believe that pricing structures will have to change to reflect the changing nature of the distribution network but this can be a win-win for consumers and the companies that connect us to the grid. But these companies will need to change their business models rather than just increase prices if they are to remain competitive and prevent consumers with their new found storage ability defecting from the grid.

As self-managing micro grids become possible, distributors could re-enter the electricity market at a local level, providing them a replacement revenue stream.

Distributed generation and storage provides an opportunity to strengthen the electricity network and provide a flexible yet resilient grid. Fair pricing can recognise and reflect both the costs of grid upkeep and the value of distributed generation.

SEANZ SolarSMART is the Solar PV and Storage Conference in New Zealand

The SEANZ SolarSMART Conference is scheduled for November 13-14t at the Novatel in Rotorua. These two information- and event-packed days are not to be missed!

SEANZ SolarSMART is about building a smart industry – using smart technology, smart strategies and smart planning for smarter and better outcomes for you - think smart inverters, smart data, smart access to data, data IP, energy services, smart ways to assist industry, empowering your business and clients.

The electricity landscape is changing more than ever. SEANZ members have significantly contributed to that change and are also impacted by it. Consumer led technologies are changing business models for all players where nobody is immune. Record growth is shaking up the market and more parties are taking note – utilities, regulators, the finance industry and others looking to participate and respond.

Regulatory reform over the forthcoming years will impact the industry and your business more than ever before. Your voice through SEANZ, is absolutely critical in this discussion.

Join us and participate in the industry forum that is SEANZ SolarSMART.

SEANZ SolarSMART includes the Suppliers Expo for manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to allow installers and other parties understand new technologies and offerings.

SEANZ SolarSMART features five Conference Streams with keynotes and local speakers on:

  •  ​The Industry Today – the SEANZ view, the global view, the government view, the utilities view and the non-solar PV believers view.
  •                  Keynotes include an internationally renowned visionary leader in the solar industry and a luminary leader and founder of a leading manufacturer
  •  Changes 1 – the regulatory situation in NZ, impacts, the outcomes and results of changes in other countries, the range of possible scenarios
  •  Changes 2 – what Changes 1 means for utilities and you, the SEANZ plan
  •  Personal and Business Development – hear from leaders about how you can create more success for your business, value selling and  marketing in  the industry, exporting potential and finding your niche for your business
  •  Developments that are a must know about – the new Stored Energy Association, new and upcoming industry standards workshop for SSR’s  and batteries

Plus the industry events and network functions such as:

  •          The Industry Gala Dinner with a special guest speaker
  •          The Industry Awards – celebrating the successes in the industry