RMA Automotive offers global solutions for all industries

RMA Automotive offers global solutions for all industries

RMA Automotive is a world leader that provides light- and heavy-duty vehicles, purpose-build modified vehicles and fleet solutions to aid and development organisations and private sector industries in post-conflict and emerging markets around the world.


Their strategic pillars – fleet solutions, managed markets, retail operations, modification, manufacturing, after sales and services – contribute to the company’s vision for a strong global presence and support for their thousands of customers and partners.


Operational reach


RMA Automotive is in 62 markets, has operations in 21 countries and is present in six regions across the globe, including Asia Pacific, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. This arm of the company has global manufacturing facilities in Thaliand, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia (under the RMA Automotive name); Brisbane and Perth (under Minecorp name); and Germany (where they are known as Binz).


There are also retail dealerships in Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, which represent Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Mazda, TATA and Mercedes. RMA Automotive’s clients and partners are some of the largest automotive companies in the world.


With their global presence, RMA Automotive gives their employees the chance to work in different parts of the world. They serve peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions, relief agencies and government and non-government organisations on every continent. In the commercial and private sectors, RMA has a presence in developing and transition markets serving clients in mining, construction, oil and gas exploration and extraction, telecommunications and agriculture.


Their product solutions are vast, and include heavy equipment solutions for construction, road buildings, mining and the oil and gas industries (light and heavy vehicles solutions for these same industries as well); purpose-built, specially modified vehicles for diverse and difficult conditions for aid and development projects; fleet management solutions for any situation in any location; and power generation products and systems for telecommunications, as power supply backup, for hospitals, government and other public locations, for remote population communities.


Minecorp – RMA’s Australian automotive solution


Minecorp, acquired in 2013, is RMA’s Australian modification division that specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of safety equipment to vehicles operating in challenging terrains like in the mining and industrial sectors. The business is driven by safety and innovation, and by meeting customer needs.


The acquisition has added considerable value to RMA’s overall growth strategies in these industries. RMA Automotive, already one of the world’s largest suppliers of modified vehicles to the mining sector, is uniquely placed to be able to sell turnkey vehicle solutions into new and emerging international markets.


Upon acquiring Minecorp, Hal Feder, President of RMA Automotive said, “We are excited to welcome Minecorp to the RMA family and proud of this important Australian investment.  RMA Automotive has long admired Minecorp’s fleet applications, and especially it’s well known mining products, and we believe there are significant opportunities and synergies within our expanding automotive footprint.  We’re excited to introduce Minecorp into our organization as we see it as a company with innovative products, recognized brand equity, and a satisfied customer base.  We will continue to provide customer-driven fleet solutions to our Minecorp customers and believe there is a great future in working together.”


The company provides quality products and services supporting all sectors, a global network for warehousing and distribution, vehicles solutions for all fleet sizes and vehicles types, large capacity fleet fit-out operations and fleet decommissioning and recommissioning. Their products are designed to comply with all regulations to get vehicles onto worksites quickly and efficiently.


As part of Minecorp’s innovative solutions, their M-Pass system – a single part number ordering system to make vehicle fit-outs fast and consistent to all customers – offers three levels of site compliance, including essentials, industry and endurance, with the flexibility to tailor packages where required.


Behind the hardware, the inventories, the logistics and systems is a corps of professional, highly motivated, dedicated people committed to RMA customers, their projects, and ultimately, their success.