Rhino Water Tanks: Water Storage Solutions for Australia

Rhino Water Tanks: Water Storage Solutions for Australia

Rhino Water Tanks is a privately owned and operated Australian company with over 20 years experience in the water storage industry. Currently Rhino Water Tanks is represented in all states and has a growing network of distributors and installers.

Strategically the company is moving towards offering more options to contain various solutions, not just water. They are also looking at options to expand into more environmentally-orientated solutions and self-supporting systems for water, power and gas.


Water Tank Specs


These modular steel tanks range in sites from 26,000 litres to over 2 million litres, and are available in Zincalume (a metallic coated sheet steel that offers two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanised steel) or Colorbond (a product specifically made for Australian conditions and comes in a variety of colours).


The whole tank and all of its components—including the Hydrashield liner—aremanufactured in the company’s Western Australian factory. Rhino Tanks made this a priority for their company to be able to control the quality of every aspect of the tank manufacturing process. Hydrashield is a reinforced food-grade Metallocene coated liner that is UV treated and is suitable for exposed applications where a roof is not required.


Products in Rhino Tanks’ line are approved for drinking water, as well as a range of other liquids including vegetable and animal oils, both high and low pH water as well as sewerage, waste and recycled water. All of the wall sheets are corrugated and rolled from galvanised steel; roof trusses are hot-dipped galvanised for durability. The Metallocene-coated liners, just like the Hydrashield, are also UV treated.


Continuous Improvement


Rhino Water Tanks is a quality-endorsed company. All products are manufactured in the Western Australian factory under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001.


Rhino’s quality management system aims to benchmark its products and services against the best in the world. The well-recognised ‘Five-Ticks’ Standards Mark is  proudly displayed  to give customers the confidence that Rhino Water Tanks continually strives to provide cost effective, quality products and services that meet the customer’s individual needs and expectations.

“Being an ISO 9001 accredited company continuous improvement is what you strive for,” said Duane Crombie, CEO. “Furthermore, being a manufacturing business is always tough and gets tougher with every year due to rising expenses and materials and market pressure to make a sale that is mainly based around price and not quality and service.”


The company has made key changes with their manufacturing systems, where Rhino has been able to increase productivity with the introduction of machines and robotics.  Material usage and time management are the two main focuses to continual improvement and will continue to drive the business to better results.


Domestic & Rural and Commercial Water Tanks


Rhino Water Tanks provides products both for domestic and rural needs as well as for commercial sites. The company’s range of domestic and rural water tanks are specifically designed with the unique needs of the user in mind. The following features are included on each tank dedicated for domestic and rural customers:


·         Rhino Infinity Tank Liner

·         Bluescope Steel Corrugated Wall & Roof Sheets

·         Dust and Vermin Proofing Seal

·         Tank Inlet

·         20-year Warranty

·         Magnesium Anodes for Corrosion Protection

·         50mm Scour Drain

·         Lockable Access Hatch

·         100mm Bell Mouth Overflow


There are also a range of optional features:

·         Additional Outlets and Valves

·         Fire Fighting Coupling

·         Rainsavers – Tank Roof Catchment System

·         Removable Internal/External Ladder

·         Additional Inlets

·         Water Level Gauge

·         Tank Roof Fascia

·         Rhino Aqua Tub


Global Operations


The global expansion is through Rhino’s sister company called Rhinex. The main factor that drives this is the need for cost-efficient storage that can be exported and freighted efficiently and then create a large water storage solution that is constructed simply with basic tools and expertise. This will continue as the demand for clean drinking water grows around the world and the flexibility in establishing a water point in difficult area’s or terrain.


Rhino Water Tanks now has two distributors in United Arab Emirates, and has recently started shipping tanks to Afganistan through their Dubai Distributor Protech General Trading program.  In 2011, the company opened a location in Port Moresby, the capital city and largest city in Papua New Guinea.


“We see the business growing still but into areas where it suits our business needs and not spread ourselves too thin,” said Crombie. “The domestic water tank market is still our main focus and we use this as a base to grow into the other areas when it suits. To be around in five years time in the challenging manufacturing industry the main key is to keep being smarter, innovative and economical with anything you do and that is our main focus.”