Remondis Australia: Water, Waste and Environmental Services

Remondis Australia: Water, Waste and Environmental Services

REMONDIS Australia is one of Australia’s leading waste-management companies, offering comprehensive collection, treatment, and disposal solutions and services for commercial and municipal customers.  Dedicated to service excellence, REMONDIS Australia works in partnership with customers to deliver innovative, safe, and reliable solutions and services that support customers to improve operational performance and meet sustainability targets.


Through the development and operation of state-of-the-art resource recovery, recycling and reuse solutions, REMONDIS Australia is capable of achieving significant reductions in waste disposal to landfill.  The company is committed to partnering with both government and business to achieve a more sustainable future-a future in which waste is a resource.


The company has grown significantly via the acquisition of Thiess Waste management Services in 2012.


Competitive Advantages


REMONDIS Australia’s commitment to excellence in customer service is what CEO Luke Agati believes sets them apart from other waste management companies in Australia.  Whist the company ballooned in size it is still at a size where it can offer its clients excellent flexibility and customer service.


“Given our size in Australia – and it’s not insignificant - we are able to bend backwards in customising solutions for our clients,” Agati said. “We are able to offer our clients specific resource recovery, recycling and reporting solutions.”


Their continual dialogue with their clients and their determination to stick by the client throughout the relationship helps maintain the high quality REMONDIS wants to provide.


The company’s global parent, REMONDIS International, provides their Australian subsidiary with another advantage – technological innovation.


“They are really one of the worldwide leaders in resource recovery and waste to energy; they are in the top three or four globally,” Agati shared. “REMONDIS certainly has the technology to bring into this country to help meet company and statutory targets in terms of reducing waste that's going to landfill.”


Steady Growth


REMONDIS Australia has grown steadily via organic growth and a number of acquisitions, the most notable of which was Thiess Waste Management Services in late 2012 which exponentially grew the company.


“That acquisition not only shot us up exponentially but also created such a large footprint for us in Australia that it will allow us to springboard on future opportunities,” said Agati. “So really, that's what has brought us to this point. In addition I can't stress the importance of having a senior management team that shares the same vision.”


By acquiring Thiess, REMONDIS more than quadrupled the size of their business and retained many of the key executives from the company. By blending them in with the current company culture – and with the addition of a successful business management system – REMONDIS has beefed up its management and executive staff ranks.




About half of REMONDIS’s business in Australia is municipal-driven, which includes household collections. A part of the contract that the company holds with these municipalities includes community education programmes that are implemented at schools, businesses and households. The goal of these outreach programmes is to inspire all ages to recycle and to inform people about source separating and recycling.


“I think it's really important that we start changing the mindset so that as children grow up they know the difference between a recycling and general waste bin.”


“Education not only benefits the environment, but there's a financial benefit to businesses when they source separate. It generally means that they pay less in terms of waste disposal.”


For commercial and industrial contracts, REMONDIS also assists companies that are committed to bettering their practices and improving their footprint on the environment through similar education programmes.


Keep Australia Beautiful


For the future, REMONDIS is keen to continue their expansion plans in Australia. This will allow the company to continue to provide excellent service to even more companies and municipalities. The company is also looking to become re-involved with the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ initiative, which they contributed to before the acquisition of Thiess in 2012. REMONDIS is looking to be involved on a sponsorship level, with the possibility of doing more education programmes in a greater number of schools.

Mark Nusselein