Reinhausen Australia Contributes to Over 50 Percent of World's Power

Reinhausen Australia Contributes to Over 50 Percent of World's Power

Reinhausen Australia is active in power engineering and is part of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) and its 30 subsidiaries and affiliated companies globally. The parent company was founded in 1868, running central operations and activities out of Regensburg, Germany. From this location, there is also a unique global testing and innovation center that greatly contributes to the success of the overall company.

"Our core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is done above all with the aid of tap changers, which adapt the transmission ratio of the primary to secondary winding to changing load ratios and, together with additional innovative products and services, ensure an interruption-free power supply. The tap changer equipment we use is like a gearbox for high-voltage transformers. With that piece of equipment, we safely control over 50 percent of the world's electrical energy requirements," said Reinhausen Australia’s managing director, Brett Flower.

Through increasing integration of renewable energies into the power network, this regulation also has an ever-increasing importance on the distribution network level. Here, the company likewise provides innovative system solutions. Together with conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and accompanying services such as network analysis and calculation, MR rounds out their network regulation offerings. An additional, successful field of activity is in winding fiberglass-reinforced plastic tubes, processing plastic cylinders and manufacturing composite hollow insulators.

MR operates with a strong vision focused on integrating a Reinhausen product in every transformer around the world. As an innovative company with decades of experience in voltage regulation, MR is present in every area that deals with the flow of energy. They work every day to make the global energy supply better and more secure with their solutions. This applies to their product solutions and to their extensive service offerings and their competencies in project business. The company executes these things together with their customers, the manufacturers of high-voltage devices and systems, utility providers and voltage-intensive large-scale industry.

Together with ten partner companies, MR is an active member of the TRANSFORM network platform, a unique association of European premium providers in the transformer area, for the benefit of their shared customers. Thanks to the stringent alignment of all of the company's activities toward innovation, expertise and reliability, versatile synergies and customer advantages are created.


German Designed, Engineered and Manufactured


Among many powerful competitive advantages, Flower was quick to list "German designed, engineered and manufactured" as key differentiators.

"The fact that our equipment is made in Germany carries a lot of respect in engineering and the consumer markets. That quality is paired with the amazing group of people we have in our network. For our highly skilled people, it's not a job, it's a career. Our average tenure in our company is approximately 10 years.

"We have a global presence of 30 subsidiaries worldwide. Those people throughout that network are the best in the business."

Flower pointed out that they communicate globally on a daily basis, thereby leveraging the group's great collective strength as much as possible.

"When we catch up, it's like a big family reunion. And there's great pride in the quality of our people and equipment."

It is this comprehensive, global collaboration that helped Reinhausen invent the tap changer that they use.

"We invented and patented the tap changer back in 1926. We've been the market leader ever since then," said Flower. 


Steady Growth 


As evidence of MR's steady growth and consistent strength, they are a multi-award innovation leader.

"We developed vacuum technology in our product line, which has revolutionized the industry. It brought a maintenance-free product into certain applications. Our competitors have basically been scrambling to catch up ever since," said Flower.

"We're always the leader and never the follower. Being dynamic and moving with industry trends is a key component of our success. Our business has changed substantially in just the past few years alone. We have a new business unit that has been charged with regularly keeping us ahead of the change," said Flower. 

Furthermore, a particularly fundamental manner in which Reinhausen stays true to its core values is maintaining premium quality management.

"The quality management we have is unparalleled. We have a state-of-art test center in our headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. This ensures that we not only exceed the international standards, we smash them," said Flower with a confident chuckle. 


Regulating Over 50 Percent of the World's Power


At the core of Reinhausen's ability to regulate over 50 percent of the world's power is their on-load tap-changer (OLTC); the founding block of their business.

"This is supported by premium service. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards. "We're solutions providers for our customers," said Flower.

It is this premium service and skill that has helped the company maintain technical excellence throughout its operations, winning numerous accolades, including IEC awards for work on power transformers. Helping to maintain this excellence is their global network of skills, experience and knowledge that can be tapped into at any time, by anyone throughout the Company. 


Global Marketplace Domination Expansion


While MR has been steadily growing throughout its history, the company has enjoyed particularly significant growth in the last five years.

"For a company like ours to continue to be the market leader, it's all about innovation and adaptability. As part of that, we're looking into acquiring knowledge and companies to bring new services and product offerings," said Flower. "Among others, we've recently partnered with a company called CAPT, an Italian offload tap changer manufacturer, bringing another product group to the company. We've also incorporated a business called Reinhausen Solutions Corporation (RJP) in Japan, which specialises in asset management solutions. RJP has been done as a joint venture with Hitachi. Great things are coming from the power of these large iconic companies coming together." 

While early stage restrictions currently require confidentiality, Flower was able to share that the company does indeed have a number of new projects in early development.

"The prospects for Reinhausen Australia and the Group as a whole are extremely promising and exciting. There's a strong demand for our expertise, and we have to move with that demand," said Flower. "My role is to make sure we are where our customers need us. We will continue to provide premium service across all parts of the business, wherever we are needed."   

Brett Flower