Modex Energy Services Continue to Expand Their Offshore Oil and Gas Market Reach

Modex Energy Services Continue to Expand Their Offshore Oil and Gas Market Reach

MODEX is a leading manufacturer and provider of DNV certified CCU’s, cabins and well service equipment for offshore oil and gas operations. The company has offices in Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, UAE and Brazil. In addition, the Company also has manufacturing centre located near Shanghai, China. The Company’s widespread points of operation allow it to service global sales and rental markets efficiently and cost effectively, while consistently delivering products of the highest North Sea standards. Furthermore, Modex Energy is currently working on expanding its operation centers into Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.


The company was founded by Norwegian management members with an average of 10 years experience in the container and module industry. Management has run manufacturing operations in China since 2003 and has learned through front-line experiences the most effective methods of consistently producing stable quality and timely delivery. Modex Energy’s main client base consists of international oil service, exploration and production companies.




Modex is committed to running its operations in accordance with strict health and safety regulations. The Company’s goal is to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment with the goal to eliminate all accidents, illnesses and injuries. Everyone is responsible for their own and each other’s safety. Modex has found that promoting this sense of responsibility for one’s colleagues has proven to have far reaching positive results.


Modex is committed to operating a business which values international QHSE Management System Standards. Each Modex company is responsible for establishing its own objectives in order to live up to the Modex group’s overall policies, including implementation of initial and ongoing QHSE training for all employees. In addition, PPE is mandatory for all personnel (visitors included) in any Modex workshop area.


Support Services and Maintenance


Modex Energy offers fixed price rental programs which cover maintenance, refurbishment and regular servicing. One of the top factors that contribute to the Company’s growing business referrals is the Company’s strict adherence to ongoing compliance with regulatory codes and certifications.


Modex Energy Services’ clients gain a competitive advantage through their ability to rely on timely service from Modex. These services include Maintenance and Repair Work, Inspections and Testing, Upgrades and Modifications and Refurbishing.


Modex’s service options include lifetime spare part support, ISO-connectors and hook up cables, provisions of personalized support and assistance with logistics. All of these service offerings combine to create a one-stop solution in this segment of the market.


Quality Policy


Modex is dedicated to providing its customers with first-class quality in all their products. Stringent quality controls are employed throughout production and all work is carried out under controlled procedures and protocols. The Company cooperates closely with DNV and Lloyds Register for design and testing of their offshore products.


All work carried out by Modex is in accordance with recognized international standards and procedures. Modex acts on their diverse experience and consistently exercises a genuine passion to help their customers receive a quality system that is guaranteed to work within their individual requirements and specifications.

Per Amlie