Mammoet Australia Perpetually Pushing Towards Smarter and Safer Solutions

Mammoet Australia Perpetually Pushing Towards Smarter and Safer Solutions

Mammoet helps clients improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of plants and installations. For that purpose, the Company provides solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.


“All our actions are focused on differentiating ourselves with Safety, Smart Solutions and Sustainability as the three pillars. ‘Building the foundations’ is a metaphor for the continuous efforts in reshaping the organization from an asset based company to a solution focused company with a strong asset base,” says the Company.


The Company’s services are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects. The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily. For Mammoet, challenging factors such as remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on the environment are drivers that push them towards smarter and safer solutions. The most important driver, however, is time; uptime, turnaround time and time to market. The Company focuses on bringing deadlines forward through careful planning, innovative engineering and safe delivery.


Mammoet’s services in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport include: heavy lifting services, heavy transport services, plant turnaround / shutdown management, site-wide construction services, modular construction, factory-to-foundation / logistics, emergency response & wreck removal, decommissioning of onshore and offshore installations and trading in new and used equipment worldwide.


New Generation PTCs


Mammoet’s investment in the new generation of PTC super heavy lift cranes, the most powerful cranes in the world, underline the direction in which Mammoet intends to grow. All cranes could be used directly after delivery and are meeting a definite demand. They are an illustration of solution-driven thinking and innovative leadership. The added value that Mammoet can offer as a specialist lies chiefly in the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and timely realization of its solutions.

Another in-house developed solution is the new MTC – Mammoet terminal crane. The MTC 15 is a versatile, mobile and containerized loading and offloading crane that can easily be shipped to the most remote locations in the world. With its clever, yet simple ballast system and very low ground bearing pressure, the crane is able to turn any small port into a temporary heavy lift terminal.


Due to popular demand Mammoet is currently developing a skid track, making it possible to move the MTC15 parallel to the quay.


Solution-driven Organization


To fulfill Mammoet’s vision of service excellence, thinking in terms of solutions is paramount. “Mammoet is steadily evolving into a knowledge-driven organization in combination with more efficient equipment sourcing. This development was reinforced already in 2012 with the establishment of Mammoet Solutions, a separate autonomous engineering department that also works for external customers,” says the Company. Mammoet Solutions includes the Project Engineering division for complex jobs, an Innovation division to develop new concepts and a Fabrication division to develop and build new hardware.


It’s the People that Make Mammoet


People make the difference in a solution-driven organization. “The quality of the people determines how the equipment is used and whether we can generate added value,” says the Company. Therefore Mammoet decided to place far greater emphasis on Human Resources and to symbolize that, they refer to the HR function as Human Capital. Mammoet has developed an intensive program to strengthen its Human Capital organization in all regions so that they can translate the company’s requirements into specific and effective recruitment, development and retention tools. Mammoet’s Human Capital aim is to contribute to the building of a global world class company that is capable of sustaining long-term profitable growth and creating an environment that attracts and develops the best and the brightest people. To develop the knowledge base further, Mammoet will continue to step up its investments in people in the years ahead.


Safe Solutions - SHE-Q


Mammoet treats health and safety issues as integral aspects of its business processes and operations, incorporating the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE-Q) Department throughout its growth. “Needless to say that our first pillar, safety, will remain our daily devotion and attention,” says Mammoet. “We will make sure that all our employees are trained to the highest possible standards. This will ensure excellent execution of our work with a prime focus on safety, health and the environment.”


Throughout the Company’s growth, the SHE-Q Department assisted in the development and implementation of the various safety programs and initiatives that are used today including a Safety, Health & Incident Management System (SHIMS). The system provides the best possible information about the causes and impact of incidents. Anyone in the company can use the system to submit proposals for improvement. Consequently it benefits both the safety of Mammoet’s operational processes and the quality of its services. The system also increases the staff’s sense of involvement and responsibility and encourages them to play an active part in Mammoet’s safety and quality policy. As a result of this safety effort, both the severity and frequency of injuries has been reduced. In 2013 the TRCF*-VCA and the TRCF*-OSHA were 2.95 and 0.59 respectively in 2013, versus 3.65 and 0.73 in 2012. (*Total Recordable Case Frequency)

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