Liftronic's Innovation Moves Company Ever Upward in Vertical Transportation Industry

Liftronic's Innovation Moves Company Ever Upward in Vertical Transportation Industry

Established in 1985, Liftronic is Australia’s largest independent lift company, trusted by Government Departments, property developers, Bodies Corporate, and private home owners to design, supply, install modernise and maintain thousands of lifts and escalators across all major Australian markets.


The company has grown to rival the strength, services and products of its competitors, through a relentless dedication to new technology, drawn from an international network of the world’s leading lift and escalator manufacturers.


Managing Director & Founder Milan Debelak founded Liftronic 30 years ago. He is likely the longest standing Managing Director within the vertical transportation industry in Australia. “We started with a very small group of people, working out of effectively a tin shed where we were doing all the operations,” says Debelak. “We were performing installations, administration and management, sales and tendering, maintenance, and service work. And we saw that the industry was becoming globalised, and that there was space for personalised service with an Australian view rather than an overseas view. We saw a great opportunity. I didn't want to work for one of the larger, globalised companies. We decided to go out on our own and to give the industry a try. We found a lot of our existing relationships and customers from when we were working in the industry were very keen to work with us.”


“We started as a two-man band and have grown to be the largest independent lift company. We have built up a strong reputation in the industry that now spans four generations both here and overseas.”


Knowledge and Experience


As the largest independent company in the Australian market, Liftronic is in a unique position to draw on new technology from multiple channels from across the globe, which provides a much broader resource than is available to many other companies who are limited to their own technology.


Liftronic people have access to a broad resource of technology, engineering solutions, knowledge and experience. We have participated in almost every technological advancement in the past quarter century. For example, Liftronic was among the first Australian companies to employ machine-roomless lifts, energy systems, cutting-edge controller dispatching systems, remote fault diagnostic systems and observation and special application lifts.


Liftronic’s customers can be confident that they are dealing with people with the highest levels of expertise, who have access to the broadest range of new technology and the latest engineering solutions.


Quality People Keep the Company Going Up


For 30 years Liftronic have installed and maintained elevators and escalators across a broad spectrum of Australian operating environments. They are justifiably proud of the quality of their products, services and the expertise of their people. Liftronic’s people are some of the industry’s most highly regarded. Its management team is hands-on in Australia, available to respond immediately to the needs of its customers.


“A number of years ago, as the directors were spread over a larger, growing business, we decided we needed a plan. We need people working with us that can have personalised and direct contact internally and externally. We’re very hands-on,” says Debelak. All the Company’s Directors are available to all clients in relation to any matters that affect the business. “We welcome this contact because it gives us detailed information on what our business is doing and what our clients need.”


Liftronic is large enough to leverage size and scale, but still small enough that clients can pick up the phone and dial directors directly. “That's something extremely important to us. All our directors need to know exactly what’s going on in the business. It's critical that we have that intimate contact with our clients. This way, we actually experience the issues.” This allows Liftronic to better understand, serve and anticipate.


“The directors continue to maintain this hands-on approach, but as the business grows it becomes a little more difficult. Therefore, we established an Executive Management Team (EMT) that work with us to cover the growth in the business. Our EMT work with us and with our middle managers to run and grow the business.”


“We develop strategies horizontally and vertically with our Management Team and all our staff,” says Debelak. Thanks to this approach, Liftronic has also been able to establish and groom its employees in a manner that creates and maintains an existing network to make sure no responsibilities are ever lost track of, and we promptly and effectively attend to our clients’ needs.




Liftronic is committed to their Quality Accreditation and an uncompromising Safety Management System.  Their responsive and highly trained staff are available 24/7 with access to local inventory of quality spare parts and the support of a customer centric “walk-the-talk” leadership culture.


The Company’s unique position as the largest Australian company in the sector allows them to maximise the service, operational and financial deliverables that are valued by their clients and their customers, in retail environments, Government facilities, transport hubs, residential towers, office blocks and private residences.


“We differentiate ourselves through products, service and innovation throughout the business offerings we provide. We have great flexibility across a range of products that satisfy all vertical transportation needs. As a company, we probably have the widest range of products one company can offer within the vertical transportation industry,” says Debelak.


“Part of what makes us unique is that while we have longstanding and substantial business partners and suppliers, we are not obligated to provide a fixed product that would, for example, suit a multinational’s parent. We have great flexibility that allows us to choose product that best suits the client. Also, we have complete autonomy in that all our decisions on products and services are done locally by people that run the business on a day-to-day basis with a strategic long-term view.”


Liftronic is bound to an ethos that ensures their clients experience the highest levels of quality, safety and service. This approach has consistently delivered superior passenger comfort, increased uptime, and has extended the operational lifecycle of their products.


Focused on Developing Technology and Growth


Liftronic works hard to leverage their cutting-edge position while continuously looking for potential acquisitions, companies with good value within their organisations, whether they are directly lift companies or have similar synergies to their own. “Fortunately, we have a good amount of available funds and facilities which allow us to make relatively large acquisitions,” says Debelak.


Liftronic is currently focused on developing technology and looking for acquisitions for growth. “We have some substantial suppliers and contributors. We consider our suppliers our partners in our business. We are working with them in great detail to develop new products in our industry,” says Debelak. Liftronic’s products, engineered components and architectural finishes are drawn from multiple supply chains that connect their customers to the latest and best solutions in the world.


“This means cutting-edge products are not only driven by multinational competitors, we are also driving technology and efficiency improvements within existing and new products.”


Liftronic’s Future


“The Australian market has huge amounts of opportunity for a company that is offering quality product and high levels of services. We see people that are hungry for that. In addition, the Australian economy has a very good base for growth. We see a lot of opportunity both within our existing and new markets.”


Above all, Liftronic is instilled with a level of integrity that is the foundation of customer relationships that spans decades and will quite surely continue to add decades to its peerless track record.

Milan Debelak