Jason Pilgrim: Empowering clients to better health and business

Jason Pilgrim: Empowering clients to better health and business

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“My personal vision is to empower and inspire lifestyle abundance.”


This is the motto that drives Jason Pilgrim every day. As the founder of numerous successful companies, including In2Motion and The Global Kaizen Group, Pilgrim believes that true success stems from collaboration. 


Having begun his career as an exercise physiologist, Pilgrim saw the need for more efficient treatment and rehabilitation centers in the community. Additionally, he saw the need for the health care industry to have people better equipped with business skills so that their businesses were more empowered to provide better services and therefore, have better outcomes.


“I realized I wanted to do more,” Pilgrim expressed during a recent interview. “I wanted to be able to assist more people, and when you’re swapping time for money, there’s only so much time you can give.”


Hence, the creation of In2Motion.


A Holistic Allied Health Clinic

In2Motion was Pilgrim’s first stand-alone company. The allied health clinic has multiple male and female physiotherapists, an exercise physiologist and numerous allied health providers.


“It was set up because the area that I lived in at the time didn’t have the treatment and rehabilitation needs that I felt the community deserved, and I had such a good working relationship with numerous doctors,” said Pilgrim. “They were saying, ‘You need to set up your own stand-alone clinic.’ So, I took that support and went and opened my own clinic which grew a lot faster than I could ever have imagined.”


In2Motion has grown so rapidly that it has had to be expanded three times over the last six years. But the team has been able to keep up with such quick expansion and in turn has been awarded consistently both nationally and internationally for its performance.


“Here, we don’t say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday), we say TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) because it means we get to spend time with our team again and we get to go out and empower people’s lives and get them to lead healthier and happier lives,” said Pilgrim.


In2Motion offers a number of services, from general physiology to post-surgery rehabilitations. The company also has a chronic disease management arm where work is done with diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, weight loss, cancer and more.


“We have team members who are very well versed in the psychology of injuries and getting back to optimal health,” explained Pilgrim. “Because of that, we have a really good rapport with people which has also opened up a lot of avenues into additional areas including aged care.”


Impressive Scanning Technology

At In2Motion, Pilgrim takes pride in the fact that his team can offer one-on-one support with every client who walks through the company’s doors.


“We guarantee we won’t used machine-based therapy and leave you on a machine while we go and service someone else,” said Pilgrim.


There is one piece of technology, however, that In2Motion uses that is cutting edge and usually only seen in city centres.


The $12K G.A.I.T. scan is an assessment tool that allows the team at In2Motion to run static and dynamic assessments of clients’ standing postures and leg length differences. Upon completing a scan, the team can then design and prescribe custom orthotics for individuals who may need assistance with their running or walking gait.


“The G.A.I.T. scan works on about 800 scans per second; it’s stealthy accurate,” explained Pilgrim. “Because it scans in so many frames per second, we can note what type of patterned walk is happening. Rather than using our eyesight like in conventional podiatry, we can rely on technology to do it much more accurately. It’s a fantastic piece of technology that we utilize.”


Striving for New Heights

Having started In2Motion from the ground up, Pilgrim was able to learn from every aspect of running a business.


Rather than franchising his first company, Pilgrim felt that a better way to leverage his newfound skills and the success from In2Motion was to help other individuals with their businesses to start a movement of like-minded business professionals who wanted the best outcomes in their own companies.


Kaizen is the Japanese proverb for continuous improvement in your personal and professional life,” said Pilgrim. “I certainly embraced that concept, which is why it was quite natural for me to have a company that was linked in and around the word Kaizen.”


Enter The Global Kaizen Group

The Global Kaizen Group is a multi-faceted company that has a strong business development arm inside allied health as well as being a producer of the highest quality fitness, rehab and strength equipment Rather than generic business coaching, the company offers a specialized approach particular to the allied health industry.


“We help drive companies forward. We look at increasing said companies’ effectiveness and efficiency,” said Pilgrim. “[The Global Kaizen Group] also allows us to also provide fitness, strength and rehabilitation products to the marketplace.”  These products are framed around ‘The Professionals Choice’ as unlike other companies, these are made, by professionals, for professionals, and are of the guaranteed highest quality.


The fitness equipment provided by Global Kaizen is niche. According to Pilgrim, “We work with the items that are most readily utilized by our clients so the patients can have a much more effective rehabilitation experience and get better outcomes which helps out each of the individual businesses that we’re aligned with (such as In2Motion).”


Also in the works is a women’s active wear collection that will further grow the brand. A world-renowned supermodel will become co-owner and as time progresses, Global Kaizen will move into male active wear and sportswear.


“It’s a very smart way, we believe, to have more product move through our networks,” said Pilgrim.


“Overall, I think [The Global Kaizen Group] is a very unique business,” continued Pilgrim. “I don’t see another business like it in Australia, and certainly not in our industry. Rather than trying to sell a product, we build people personally and professionally and we directly assist their own businesses to grow.”  This creates a significant benefit to everyone involved with this movement and best of all, patient outcomes are the greatest beneficiary of this unique situation they have created.


Kaizen Allied Health Blueprint

The Global Kaizen Group is certainly unique in the way that it mentors businesses. During the time that Pilgrim built and operated In2Motion, he was able to note every success and failure and learn from it. In turn, he created the Kaizen Allied Health Blueprint – a five-step process specific to allied health that goes through every single aspect that an allied health company needs to partake in to have a successfully run business.


“The blueprint I personally developed over the last four to six years,” said Pilgrim. “I’ve previously done a lot of work with business coaches and been heavily involved with many industries.  As a result I’ve been able to see a lot of great avenues of what works and what doesn’t. From that, I’ve been able to create my own blueprint based around financial mastery, niche, team building, culture, recruitment, and the systemization of streamlining work flow effectiveness.”


“What would normally take eight to ten years to do in our industry, by following this exact blueprint within a 24-month period, [Global Kaizen] can have businesses in a situation where they’ve got a million dollar health company,” he added.


According to Pilgrim, The Global Kaizen Group is the avenue and the business that can allow people to achieve their desired lifestyle.


“It’s the next step from In2Motion,” said Pilgrim.  “The Global Kaizen Group has a real tribe that really drives itself. You’ve got some of our top allied health professionals linking with one another through business and it’s allowing for a very strong and committed group of business owners to share, something that has never been done before in our industry.”


“These businesses are thriving exponentially because rather than having to go out and develop everything themselves, they’re able to go out and utilize our blueprints of guaranteed success and draw upon the experiences and relationships they’ve got with the other leading providers,” Pilgrim added. “There are some huge opportunities for our industry to really grow and the best part is that we’re trading a healthier and happier environment for our kids to grow up in. The more we push this forward, and work together with this approach to make all of our businesses grow, the more we’re benefiting the communities around us.”

Jason Pilgrim