Hiflow Industries: A Leader in Australia’s HVAC&R Industry

Hiflow Industries: A Leader in Australia’s HVAC&R Industry

For Hiflow Industries, keeping it cool it just part of the business. Drawing on 20 years of experience providing a wide range of air conditioning services to industrial and commercial clients, Hiflow is a recognized, award-winning leader in Australia. The company has two simple goals: maximize cooling potential and minimize energy usage, both of which are main factors in the reduction of costs. On top of all that, Hiflow is committed to sustainability and strives to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring its operations are not only good for clients, but the environment as well. 


An Award Winning Operation

At the center of the company is CEO Brett Saunders. Saunders, only 32 years old, received the Young Achiever Award from the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Services (ARBS) exhibition in January of this year. Saunders was recognized for his hard work and dedication not only to Hiflow Industries, but to the HVAC&R industry as a whole.

While Saunders is integral to the success of the company, Hiflow as a whole stands tall and was even named an ARBS Outstanding Service and Maintenance Provider in 2012.


Wholly Client Focused
The company is known for its outstanding service, as they aim to always exceed expectations. Everything they do is client focused and the direction of their innovation is steered toward providing better service. They aim for quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. To ensure this happens, the company has employed an innovative system called HITRAC, a tracking system that offers maximum transparency for the client.


“In today’s marketplace, clients want information, data, and service quick and for us as a business, we identified an opportunity to provide that service by introducing HITRAC,” Saunders explained. “Our guys have mobile reporting with the iPads out on site. They can upload all the information, they can take photos of the jobs at the time they have completed it, get the clients to sign off, then it gets uploaded into HITRAC and the clients have access there. We build an online database of every job that gets performed.”


Ultimately, this helps the client save money in the long term, since they can reduce the chances of failure and correctly select the correct asset replacement sequence. This is all part of Hiflow’s core value of maximizing efficiencies.

“When the right climate is crucial to your business and downtime can be costly, now only does it lower everyone’s productivity, it leads to unforeseen expenses.”


Doing Business Better


While clients are at the top of Hiflow’s list of priorities, it’s also highly committed to its team’s safety and the environment.

Hiflow operates within all government standards, but aims to go above and beyond when it comes to safety. All of its workers are initially trained on safety protocols, but it doesn’t just stop there. Safety regulations are updated regularly and training seminars are held frequently to ensure everyone is always up to date on safety protocols.


To further its commitment to safety, Hiflow has introduced a new online risk assessment process. The system enables technicians to perform an online risk and safety assessments before beginning work, allowing for the safer and more effective completion of a job.


Keeping its work environmentally friendly is another major priority for Hiflow. Much like its safety practices, it meets all legal standards and practices—but views them a minimal standard. Between its attempt to have a paperless office via the implementation of its HITRAC system or its trucks usage of LPG, it has a number of measures in place to ensure its operation is running as green as possible.


Hiflow also performs energy audits on its clients to ensure their systems are running as efficiently as possible. The company is also certified to manage indoor air quality, which ensures that clients’ systems are running clean. Hiflow says it has reduced airborne and surface borne bacteria by 97%, making for a healthier, better air conditioning system.


Toward the Future


While Hiflow is already at the top of its game, the company is always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve.

In addition to its headquarters in Brisbane, it also has offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company is currently expanding into Western Australia. It’s also rolling a new national procurement program for its suppliers and subcontractors, hoping to further boost efficiency.


According to Saunders, the business’ success comes down to just a few points. “There are three key fundamentals we push through everyone at our business, from apprentice to senior management: reliability, communication, and presentation,” he said.

As Hiflow Industries continues to operate with these three key principles in mind, it looks toward continued expansion while still providing the top quality services it has come to be known for. 

Brett Saunders