Global strategy, universal success

Global strategy, universal success

Established in 2009, Civmec has seen a rapid rise to the top of its game. With a keen business strategy and a multi-disciplinary approach, it has become a leading construction and engineering services provider to Australia’s booming resources and infrastructure industries. With several major projects under its belt, Civmec is now poised for even further growth at home and on the global stage.

Strategy from the start

Civmec has enjoyed growth quarter after quarter, and not by happenstance. Strategy has been built into the company from Day One, starting with location.

“When we established this business in 2009, a big component for us was to secure a location at the Australian Marine Complex  so we had direct access to the wharf to offer greater transport options for our clients,” says Civmec CEO Pat Tallon. Since constructing a 29,300 square metre manufacturing workshop as a home base at the wharf, Civmec has since expanded to more than 120,000m of prime waterfront land, through the further establishment of a Surface Treatment Facility, Specialist Subsea Facility and Operational Readiness Facility.

But location is just one of three key factors that Civmec attributes to its swift success. Another key is its focus on collaborative partnerships, whether with clients and employees or valued subcontractors and suppliers like steelmakers BlueScope Steel and Onesteel. “We work with them to develop innovative solutions that will increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost,” says Tallon. Working closely with clients and suppliers, Civmec creates an invaluable environment of transparency and trust.

“We picked the right clients and the right partners,” says Tallon. “We grew fast but it is sustainable and with every move into new areas—whether it be location or capability—we ensured the business was ready for it.”

The right projects

Civmec has been involved in an array of ambitious key projects that highlight its interdisciplinary strengths, from metro-based infrastructure in Elizabeth Quay to refractory installation with INPEX’s Ichthys Project in Darwin.

Civmec’s capabilities are tested even further with progressive projects under current construction like Shell’s Prelude Floating Liquefied Gas Facility (FLNG). Civmec was awarded a master service order contract by frequent collaborator Technip in August 2014. “This is one of the most exciting projects globally as it is the first FLNG project in the world,” says Tallon. “Our involvement includes the supply, fabrication and testing of subsea components for the development. The main challenge is to deliver these products to the high quality and high specification expected from our client, Technip, and the owner, Shell.”

Even more recently, Brookfield Multiplex Engineering and Infrastructure Pty Ltd awarded Civmec with the new Perth Stadium Steelwork Package contract, a contract that includes the fabrication and installation of roughly 14,500 tonnes of steelwork for the highly anticipated new Perth Stadium. “This project is evidence of how globally competitive Australia can be when it comes to fabrication, while providing client surety of delivery,” says Tallon.

Pursuing growth abroad

As a key part of its efforts to stay competitive and offer a high level of service, Civmec has been expanding to meet the needs of clients overseas.  “Civmec growth strategy has always involved expanding overseas when the business was ready,” says Tallon. “We have been successful in making Civmec competitive here so naturally we want to ensure the expansion overseas provides the same result.”

To help in ensuring a smooth and successful expansion plan, Civmec has looked to smart strategic partnerships with synergistic businesses like Technip. 

 “Through various projects including Prelude and the Wheatstone spool package, we have developed a strong working relationship with Technip,” says Tallon, noting that acquisition of Technip’s Indonesian subsidiary PT Global Industries is currently in the due diligence phase. “If complete, this acquisition will strengthen our working relationship and offer Civmec further opportunities to work with Technip on projects worldwide—as well as giving us the opportunity to expand our offering to other clients globally.”

Increasing growth domestically

While Civmec has turned its sights overseas, cementing opportunities in Australia is as high a priority as ever. To maximise its domestic growth strategy, Civmec recently opened new offices in Sydney and Gladstone.

According to Tallon, the Sydney office will allow Civmec to further pursue infrastructure projects along the Eastern Seaboard, sustaining capital and maintenance opportunities in the mining and oil and gas sectors, and defence work through Civmec DLG, an incorporation in conjunction with local Indigenous company David Liddiard Group. While initially taking a short-term lease at  Gladstone, this will allow Civmec to deliver maintenance and refractory projects within the region to leverage off already delivered and ongoing projects —in the area to ensure the Gladstone site becomes a permanent strategic location .

“Every Civmec location is strategic to ensure we are well-positioned to service our clients and the sectors,” says Tallon. “The offices in Sydney and Gladstone feed into our growth strategy as we look to expand our geographic footprint nationally.”

The multi-disciplined Civmec difference

The traits that set Civmec apart from the competition are the same traits that are considered at Civmec to be true points of pride for the company.  

“Our main differentiator is our multi-disciplined service offering, where we are able to apply our ever-expanding capabilities across sectors,” says Tallon. “Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to treat all parties—whether client, subcontractor, supplier or employee—as stakeholders.” This stakeholder state of mind extends to Civmec operating on an “open door” policy of transparency and honesty, ensuring that clients and employees have access to senior management.

Civmec’s commitment to continually reinvest in its capabilities is a principle that applies to its people as much as its technology. “At Civmec, we really foster personal and professional growth,” says Tallon. “My philosophy when it comes to people management is to challenge people to be innovative and give them the direction and freedom to realise their true potential.

Of course there is also the smart logistics of its geographical positioning—all means to better serve clients. “Our strategic location at the Australian Marine Complex provides direct access to the wharf,” notes Tallon. “Combined with our various other strategic locations, this enables us to mobilise to site faster which gives Civmec a competitive edge.”

Building and moving forward

Civmec already has a strong history of growth, but that growth is far from over. Moving into the future, Civmec has designs for multiple development paths.

“A large focus for Civmec moving forward is to increase our market share in the Infrastructure and Subsea sectors,” says Tallon, citing a desire to maintain the momentum it has established through its recent and ongoing projects. “We have identified many infrastructure opportunities all across Australia and we are targeting to win.”

Further growth in the Subsea sector will be facilitated through Civmec’s recently completed Specialist Subsea Facility in Henderson, which will help the company meet a rising demand for ability to work with exotic materials and subsea manufacture. “With involvement on Gorgon, Wheatstone and Ichthys with clients such as Technip, FMC Technologies and GE, we hope to grow this business and our reputation for delivering high quality subsea structures to the oil and gas industry,” says Tallon.

In any discipline, Civmec understands that the most significant key to growth is the relationships that it cultivates. “Civmec continue building strong working relationships with clients to ensure ongoing works,” says Tallon. “The future looks bright as we grow our geographic footprint and continue delivering vertical packages thanks to our multi-disciplinary, ever-expanding capabilities.” 

Pat Tallon