Diaverum: Offering the Best in Renal Care

Diaverum: Offering the Best in Renal Care

“The patient is at the heart of everything we do.”—This is the mindset that Diaverum, a world leader in renal dialysis, operates upon.


With Swedish origins, Diaverum’s experience in renal care dates back more than 20 years when the first dialysis clinic was established under the former name Gambro Healthcare. In October 2007, this new arm of the business separated from the parent and Diaverum was launched.


As of January 2015, Diaverum has a network of more than 300 clinics across 19 countries, providing treatment to more than 25,000. This includes Saudi Arabia, where the company has more than 50 percent of the market and, recently, Khazakstan. In Australia specifically, there are currently seven clinics across four states but soon to be nine according to Esteban Harper Cox, Managing Director, who we recently interviewed.


Integrated renal patient care is Diaverum’s strategy to coordinate all the health care needs of the renal patient—high-quality medical care, preventive care, management and treatment of kidney disease, and individual patient care focus.


Patient empowerment is also paramount.


“At Diaverum, we are 100-percent focused on the wellbeing of patients,” said Cox. “The patient’s quality of life is first and foremost. We certainly offer superior medical support, but we also care for patients’ emotional and psychological needs.  Our passion is for patients to feel revitalized when leaving a Diaverum clinic and be able to lead as normal a life as possible without being confined by their illness.”


It is this personalization and support to patients that distinguishes Diaverum from other providers in the renal care industry.


An Award-Winning Dialysis Program


Diaverum’s dialysis treatment model is a holistic one, which has evolved over the years based on concrete, high-quality medical data. Since inauguration, the program was received with great interest in Australia and New Zealand. 


Up against two other major contenders, Diaverum took the lead in winning the first Private Hospital Excellence Award by the Victorian Department of Health presented on November 20, 2014 by the Victorian Minister for Health, The Hon David Davis MLC at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.


In a media release issued by the Minister’s office at the time, Davis announced that “These prestigious awards are a chance to highlight and celebrate innovative, high-quality and exceptional work being undertaken by individuals, teams and health services across Victoria … This year the inaugural award goes to Diaverum for its dedication to patient care in renal dialysis and I congratulate them on their innovation and delivery of quality health care.”


“I am very proud of the fact that Diaverum Australia’s North Melbourne Clinic was able to launch such an innovative nocturnal dialysis in-centre service in 2011,” said Cox. “It has been so successful that services are now on offer six nights of the week and nocturnal will be rolled-out to clinics in Western Australia in the near future.”


The program enables patients to have much more flexibility to maintain employment, studies and improve family life. The need to attend a hospital facility is eliminated and, instead, patients can experience a warm and homely atmosphere. 


Four very distinct health outcomes were experienced as part of the program’s integration—increased energy levels, improved appetites, better quality of life and reduced need for antiphypertensive medications.


Lean Operations


As a global organization, Diaverum is able to capture best practices, exchange experiences and share learning derived from an international presence. Diaverum has world-leading medical and scientific research organizations, accredited training programs, clinic audits and employee engagement activities.


“Medical outcome data is gathered on a monthly basis from each clinic around the globe to ensure Diaverum delivers services that meet all relevant benchmarks,” stated Cox. “By setting standards and repeatedly measuring our patients’ wellbeing, we know that we are one of the world leaders in terms of dialysis quality. Policies are also continuously updated to reflect the latest in terms of regulatory changes and scientific discoveries.”


“We aim to be as operationally efficient as possible without compromising the quality of our care,” he added. “In addition, we will pursue Tender opportunities to secure growth in the region.”


Future Developments


Diaverum continues to broaden its global footprint and has recently opened in new markets such as Saudi Arabia and Khazakstan.


“In Australia, we are about to open another two new clinics in Canberra at Tuggeranong with 12 treatment stations, and Belconnen with 24 and the additional offering of nocturnal treatments,” said Cox. “This will make nine clinics in total Australia-wide. In the near future, we will be expanding in the region, with a presence in New Zealand.”


Diaverum is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to seeking new and innovative methods.  Two examples are:


The Aboriginal Educational Program in Western Australia  

This is a specifically tailored program that was taken from the clinic environment directly to the Aboriginal community. This patient group often faces particular difficulties with diet, fluid control and adherence to treatment regimes. Diaverum’s program bridges the gap between the facility and the Aboriginal patient’s environment, breaks down barriers, improves relationships and, most importantly, improves Aboriginal health. By addressing particular learning needs, Diaverum’sAboriginal patients feel empowered by gaining more knowledge on their care and treatment.


Dietician via Skype 

Due to the sheer geographic size of Australia, patients in remote areas such as Toowoomba in Queensland are offered dietary advice from a specialized dietician via Skype teleconference.


“Community education and offering an integrated care service is paramount in terms of prevention and treatment of kidney disease,” stated Cox.


When asked where he would like to see Diaverum in the next five years, Esteban Harper Cox’s response was simple, yet inspiring: “Definitely, the market leader!”