Delivering certainty

Delivering certainty

Shamrock Civil operates across five offices in Australia and Papua New Guinea, delivering services to the gas and mining, transport infrastructure, commercial, defence and government development sectors. Their civil construction services include bulk earthworks, roadworks, demolition, large scale electric, plumbing and communications services.

Shamrock Civil has been providing safe, sustainable and smart solutions since 1994. Along with the company’s comprehensive service offering, they are committed to their clients and place value and emphasis on creating and maintaining long term relationships.

Projects at hand

Shamrock Civil is currently engaged in a variety of new projects in Australia. The latest is a $16 million infrastructure project in Papua New Guinea to upgrade road and bridge links in the Manus Province

“The project involves the upgrade of 26 kilometres of road from the airport to the township,” said Andrew Kerr, CEO of Shamrock Civil.

The scope of works includes earthworks, pavement, road repairs and reconstruction, bridge repair, construction of road furniture, kerb and channel, bitumen sealing works, stormwater drainage works, and bank protection.

According to Mr Kerr, the company has been awarded additional scope of work due to its exceptional performance on the project. “The Repairs and Renovations contract on Manus Island have launched us into the international construction arena,” Mr Kerr said.

The project is estimated to be completed by January 2016.

Shamrock Civil has recently expanded its geographic footprint down the eastern seaboard to Melbourne, where the company is currently performing works for Transpacific Cleanaway. As principal contractor on the Victory Road Cell 4B (Phase 2) project, the scope of works involve landfill cell reconstruction, subgrade works groundwater collection system, clay liner and leachate collection system.

Next in line is the New Generation Rolling Stock (NGRS) Maintenance Facility in Wulkuraka. The project, which aims to increase train fleets to meet the growing demand for rail services in Queensland, will see the company perform a wealth of services, including cut and fill earthworks, pavements and in-ground services.

“The project has achieved over 140,000 hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury) and MTI (Medical Treatment Injury),” said Mr Kerr. “This is a significant accomplishment that represents our commitment to the ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which promotes the links between health and safety at work and at home.”

Another project in the works for Shamrock Civil is the Kin Kora Stage 2 Intersection Upgrade. According to Mr Kerr, the project involves replacing an existing roundabout with traffic signals in one of the busiest intersections in Gladstone.

“Construction to date has included installation of new stormwater drainage lines, vegetation removal, earthworks, installation of temporary concrete footpath and bus stop and the installation of a 600mm RCP under road bore,” said Mr Kerr.

“We are on track to open to traffic in early 2016,” he added.

In addition, Shamrock has completed the Ocean Drive Slope Stabilisation project in NSW, their first contract in the region.  Although the company encountered 20 days of wet weather, it was delivered ahead of schedule.

“The works were performed for Richmond Valley Council and consisted of slope stabilisation using gabion baskets and boulder walls along the shore line of the Evans River,” said Mr Kerr.

“The 20 days of wet weather was mitigated by sequencing the gabion basket installation works and self-performing critical elements of the works ourselves.”

Projects in Papua New Guinea

In an effort to expand its horizon while showcasing its versatility, the company has recently established a local company in Papua New Guinea, named Shamrock PNG Ltd (SPNG).

“We have over 10 employees established in our two offices, one in Port Moresby and one on Manus Island to cater for the growing demand in PNG,” said Mr Kerr.


For Mr Kerr, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The company was recently awarded the Tari to Komo Highlands project for the Department of Works and Implementation.

“The project is comprised of upgrading and sealing a 42 kilometre section of road, as well as culverts, bridge works and services in the Hela Province.”

In addition, the company recently completed a $76 million joint-venture project for leading natural gas explorer and producer QGC.

“The BCIX Ponds Package project reached completion in March 2015,” said Mr Kerr. “We saw some outstanding results from our teams delivering the scope of works to the client’s design specification, 1000 days LTI and MTI free, eight weeks ahead of schedule, on budget and without any variations.”

Mr Kerr added, “We maintain a strong working relationship with Golder Associates and QGC and look forward to working with them into the future.”

Winning culture

Shamrock Civil is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the business by investing in them over the long term. That philosophy has cultivated into a winning culture.

“We work hard to attract and retain quality employees so that clients, partners and our people gain the advantage of having access to both seasoned experts and promising young talent,” said Mr Kerr.

According to Mr Kerr, diversity is another aspect the company continuously seeks to improve.

“Shamrock Civil strives to create an inclusive culture in which difference is recognised and valued. We understand the significant of fostering a diverse workforce and are committed to increasing the representation of women, and achieving a greater balance of gender, ethnicity and nationality throughout our operations.”

With employees in mind, the company has implemented a wide range of programs to further the skills and opportunities for their staff.

“We offer our employees opportunities to practice and extend their professional capabilities through tertiary education, apprenticeships, course and graduate programs.”

Two components close to Shamrock Civil’s core are safety and community.

“The health and safety of our people is our number one value,” said Mr Kerr. “Our strong health and safety culture can be attributed to our ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which focuses on providing a supportive working environment for our employees, subcontractors and partners. The Safety for Life Program has been effective throughout the company by reminding employees to stop and think twice about what they are doing and if their activity is safe. Practicing this daily can save a life.”

Last but certainly not least, Shamrock Civil is committed to leaving a lasting legacy in the communities in  which it operates. The company is keen on assisting local communities through infrastructure, employment and training.

“We are active participants in our local community, sponsoring fundraisers such as the Camp Quality Charity Golf Day. Our employees dedicate their time into helping those who need it most, with all of our proceeds from the Golf Day going to children living with cancer.”

The company delivers tangible benefits as well. Shamrock Civil has recently donated $10,000 to Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. This support took the rugby league students to the Confraternity Cup in Brisbane, to play with local Brisbane students. 

Andrew Kerr