Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) Operates with Over 250 Projects’ Worth of Experience

Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) Operates with Over 250 Projects’ Worth of Experience

Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) is an Australian electrical engineering company that specialises in providing project engineering and construction services for Electrical Infrastructure from Medium Voltage (MV) through to Extra High Voltage (EHV) installations throughout Australia. CPP’s high voltage electrical infrastructure services include project scoping, preliminary and concept design, cost estimation, detail design, procurement, construction, test and commissioning and switching. CPP is a company focused on delivering projects, requiring the design and construction of bulk power transmission and distribution assets and associated requirements in its target market sectors.


In operation since 1996, the company has successfully completed over 250 projects throughout Australia by means of complete turnkey solutions. These turnkey solutions include conceptual design to final commissioning through the critical orchestration of experienced engineers, designers, project managers and construction personnel. It is in this way that CPP takes full responsibility for the entire project, allowing their clients to optimise their operations and focus on their highest income-producing activities.


CPP’s clients are able to dominate their own individual markets by taking advantage of the company’s extensive experience and expertise in delivering projects that range from traditional electrical infrastructure for power utilities, industry and mining through to the latest electrical infrastructure requirements for the renewable energy sector.


This comprehensive range of strong capabilities has allowed CPP to deliver successful projects to major clients that include: ElectraNet, TransGrid, Powerlink, AGL, Essential Energy, Pacific Hydro, Roaring 40s, Senvion (formerly REPower/ Suzlon), Goldwind, Leighton, ABB, Siemens, Tenix, Country Energy, Jemena and CitiPower. Specific major projects that CPP has made possible include: the Clements Gap Wind Farm, the Portland Wind Energy Project, the Snowtown Grid Connection, the Redhill Grid Connection, the Mokota Switching Station, the Cherry Gardens Substation re-build, the Tungkillo Switching Station, Macarthur Wind Farm Design and the Hallett Hill Wind Farm.


Among the critical factors that have helped CPP to complete such a diverse range of projects for such a wide variety of clients is their vendor neutrality. This neutrality continues to grant the company a significant degree of flexibility, which in turn promotes cost-effective operations. CPP applies these cost savings towards a combination of reinvesting back within itself, as well as towards providing budget-friendly projects for its clients. Furthermore, the company’s vendor neutrality continues to promote the highest quality in design and construction services as an integrated single source solution. CPP is focused on and committed to delivering quality projects on time to an agreed budget—their track record of almost 20 years provides substantial evidence of this.


In order to get the most out of its vendor relationships and optimise on all of its deliverables, Consolidated Power Projects retains specialist skills in project management and delivery, design, procurement, construction and installation and testing and commissioning in its specialist area of high voltage substations and overhead lines. The delivery of any works or assignments is through an internal project delivery methodology and process which allocates resources, responsibilities and accountabilities clearly, resulting in timely, cost effective and quality controlled outputs for customers.


In addition, CPP maintains strategic links with highly skilled consultants and technical experts, both local and international, who work on projects as required. Furthermore, the company is fully committed to maintaining the highest degree of both internal and external communication. This continuous focus on communication serves to promote significant flexibility in regards to changing client needs, helping their clients adapt to changing business environments and shifting project priorities. Similarly, CPP’s dedication to communication continues to help ensure that the company is able provide its employees with the resources and help they need to best address their daily and long-term responsibilities.


Each project is allocated to a project manager who takes responsibility for implementing the company’s project delivery process. Clients are consulted to define and implement the agreed quality standards, project design management plans, the organisational structure, communication channels, review points and project delivery plan. During this process, design reviews and ongoing consultation with the client to determine best fit solutions are carried out in conjunction with the design team. Additionally, CPP conducts site visits to carry out site surveys, assess site constraints and soil conditions required for the design of a project.


With all the valuable resources the company has access to, it is their people that CPP holds as their most important asset. CPP strives to attract and retain the best by creating and continually improving its work environment to make it safe, exciting and flexible while at the same time striving to fulfill the individual career objectives of personnel. Aligning these talented and motivated people with CPP’s purpose, goals and company culture is a key factor contributing to their long running, successful track record. CPP treats its employees with respect and empathy and encourages supportive relationships both in the workplace as well as personal environments. Maintaining a solid work-life balance and the personal wellbeing of each employee has always been a key objective of the company, and it continues to bolster CPP’s success throughout all of its efforts. Furthermore, CPP also encourages training and continuous self improvement to develop individuals and enhance the company’s overall professional image. While CPP works hard and is serious about delivering a prompt and professional service, they also strive to enjoy their work experience.