Buildcorp Interiors: A Builder with Pride

Buildcorp Interiors: A Builder with Pride

With an array of awards and stunning completed projects to point to, Buildcorp Interiors is setting the bar high for the fitout and refurbishment industry in eastern Australia.

Buildcorp was founded in 1990 by Tony Sukkar with the goal to bring quality, passion-driven craftsmanship to the Australian construction market. Since that time, the company has evolved to be made up of four key divisions: Buildcorp Contracting, Buildcorp Interiors, Buildcorp Asset Solutions and Euroline. With each division focusing on a specific sector within construction, fit-out and refurbishment projects both large and small fall to Buildcorp Interiors.

“Buildcorp Interiors came out of the construction business originally because there came a need in Australia to have specialized fitout and refurbishment companies,” said Ian Morrison, Queensland state manager for Buildcorp Interiors. “That was in 1996 and it’s grown every year since, [up to] today where we’re turning over an excess of $150 million a year in just interiors alone.”

With over 24 years of experience in the industry, Morrison would be at home in nearly any construction company. Speaking to him gives you the impression that he, and moreover the whole company, takes an immense amount of pride in the projects Buildcorp completes.

“Construction’s a tough industry, but the way that Tony [Sukkar] has run his company and the values that he has align perfectly with how I like to operate, so it’s a perfect match,” Morrison said.

Since construction is such a competitive industry, Buildcorp Interiors sets itself apart with its wide range of service offerings. The company is able to handle nearly every step along the process of delivering quality craftsmanship including design and construction solutions, procurement management, integration management, time management, site management and even a sustainable construction process that helps projects hit a sustainable, environmental goal.

With the expertise that Buildcorp brings to the job site, every project is seen through to an on-time, if not early, completion with a final product that brings pride to the whole team. In fact, whether or not the company’s employees find pride in their work is a major concern for Buildcorp, which regularly circulates employee satisfaction questionnaires that probe for areas where management could improve, according to Sue Turpie, business development manager for Buildcorp Interiors in Queensland and New South Wales.

“It’s recognized that we’re an employer that people stay with. It’s very rare to find a company that has [employees] for 20 years, but we’re reaching a time where nearly every year we have people receiving 20-year awards,” Turpie said.

“We’re very focused on our staff,” Morrison added. “I think if you spoke to the owner of our company, he would be very proud of the fact that he sees this as a family company. And that helps; it comes from the top.”

Buildcorp Interiors doesn’t restrict that community-oriented mindset to just employees. It regularly raises money for various charitable causes through the Buildcorp Charitable Fund. According to Turpie, this year the company will be donating money raised to combating suicide among young men in the construction industry. The company also regularly supports rugby teams from the Universities of Queensland and Sydney.

Buildcorp’s support of the rugby team at the University of Queensland isn’t the only business the company has with the school. Buildcorp Interiors was recently awarded a Master Builders Award for the work it did on the school’s Goddard building.

“It was a very difficult job,” Morrison said. “Not the least because it’s a heritage building and a fully operational building and we had to put in a rooftop extension.”

Buildcorp Interiors inherited the job after a previous company dropped out, having already initiated numerous project elements with poor foresight. These often conflicting building elements complicated the remainder of the work for Buildcorp. Despite these complications, the company was able to complete the rooftop extension on-schedule in February with a total contract sum of about $10.5 million.

“It was a challenging project in every way,” Morrison said. “And as always on challenging projects, when you can pull off a success and exceed people’s expectations, it’s just so rewarding. So it’s another one of those projects that we’re just proud of.  Even when the company gets together for regular catch-ups over a few drinks, those kinds of projects are always on everyone’s lips.”

Tony Sukkar