Biznet Gio: Indonesia’s Cloud Provider post COVID strategy

Biznet Gio: Indonesia’s Cloud Provider post COVID strategy

Biznet Gio: Cloud Provider with Essential Customer Experience in Indonesia...

Reflecting on his career in the cloud industry, Dondy Bappedyanto explains that he began his career in the cloud industry in 2009. Since then, Bappedyanto has "made many changes to the cloud and hosting industry landscape in Indonesia," he comments. Looking at the comprehensive technology and infrastructure industry, Bappedyanto has more than 20 years of experience in multiple multinational companies, ranging from general management, product development, technical operations, and technical strategy. He also has been actively speaking in various IT events and joining as a mentor for startups and the IT communities in Indonesia.

Taking a look at the company's services, Bappedyanto explains that PT Biznet Gio Nusantara's cloud operations, known as Biznet Gio, relate to cloud computing and data center solutions in Indonesia. As the demand for more agile IT services and vast network capabilities rises, Bappedyanto details that the company "has been helping customers to grow and transform digitally. Since launching in 2015, many companies in Indonesia have trusted their business infrastructure on our cloud. We are determined to assist our customers in overcoming their IT Infrastructure challenges with the right solutions and achieve their business objectives."

With both PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certification, and SOC Type-2 by the end of 2020, Bappedyanto is proud to say that the company is "the first compliant CSP in Indonesia with the multi-region concept with flexibility like the hyper scalers, and serving business continuity planning among the industry." By being a part of a wider group, Bappedyanto highlights the benefits of being supported with large network capacity. "Our cloud infrastructure is available to fulfill any connectivity requirement and offers free unlimited network traffic to every customer."

Delving deeper into the company's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, Bappedyanto explains that "Biznet Gio service offers scalable virtual machines, storage, networks, and dedicated cloud servers. For the virtualization platform, VMware is one of the most commonly used platforms among enterprise businesses. Therefore, one of the enterprise products, GIO Cloud, is undoubtedly reliable and offers VMware's well-known functionality, such as a high availability design with a robust performance advantage. Serving both public cloud and private cloud, our enterprise customers can design their system requirements, based on the scale of the project." 

The dedicated cloud service from GIO Cloud is the GIO Private. GIO Private is a ready-to-go private cloud "to fulfill the industrial demand for massive computing needs on dedicated physical servers and offers full control of VMware," comments Bappedyanto. 

In addition to GIO Cloud, the company offers NEO Cloud. NEO Cloud – launched at the end of 2017 – is a public cloud product designated to target SMEs, providing a one-stop solution for small businesses in Indonesia to ease the digital transformation process. "NEO offers a simple yet sophisticated infrastructure service for startups, developers, and small businesses alike, from cloud servers, block storage, object storage, networks, dedicated hosting, licenses, SSL, domain, DNS manager to website builder. NEO also comes with multi regions and multi availability zones catering multiple services and systems design needs," he adds.

With a mission to simplify the management infrastructure process to eliminate the day-to-day operation complexity, Bappedyanto adds that the company has "multiple services such as backups; disaster recovery center; security; microservice management; digital transformation, up to the managed service. Our extensive managed service offers end to end transformation and cost optimization. Equipped with cloud experts who are ready to identify your business pain-points and deliver the best-fit IT solutions based on the industrial requirement while optimizing the entire infrastructure cost."

While its services are certainly extensive with a multitude of benefits, Bappedyanto reflects that when it comes to being a successful provider, "our cloud service will not be heavily considered by Indonesian customers if we have slow customer support. Our customer support is available to assist customers 24 hours a day and respond in under 15 minutes. The fast response is the key-point of our services where most of the industry entrust their mission-critical infrastructure to our cloud and data centers."

When discussing the infrastructure industry as a whole, Bappedyanto details the importance of moving away from legacy systems and its hyperscalers partnership strategy.

Legacy systems

Today Bappedyanto is seeing many customers move away from the CAPEX model to an OPEX model to drive cost efficiencies and avoid capacity planning investments upfront. "The business approach has shifted the element of investment cost towards OPEX, as many business players start to look away from CAPEX," he says. When it comes to the impact of legacy systems for an organization, Bappedyanto adds that "whenever a legacy system is outdated, the potential disruption on the operational level could put the company brand value at stake. At the same time, legacy renewal or expansion will need to allocate a huge amount of capital. This action will become a burden not only from the cost perspective to maintain the legacy system but also on the possibility to delay business profitability."

As cloud computing advances, technology provides ways for organizations to become more agile without spending CAPEX for infrastructure. "At Biznet Gio, our cloud expert team assists customers in dealing with the current technological issues. We are helping customers moving away from the CAPEX to the OPEX model and avoiding capacity planning upfront so they can enjoy pay-as-you-go flexibility," explains Bappedyanto." At the same time, he adds, "Biznet Gio helps Indonesian companies to not only transform their legacy system but also to achieve productivity through infrastructure cost optimization and provide leverage in terms of which budget to save in the long run."

Hyperscale strategy in Indonesia

When it comes to hyperscalers, Bappedyanto emphasises the long company's ambitions to welcome the adoption in Indonesia "Currently, we're partnering with two hyperscalers (AWS and GCP)." In partnering with hyperscalers, he adds that the company strives "to bring an added value for our customers who want to use hyperscalers." PT Biznet Gio Nusantara does this "by providing managed services and consultant services so customers can efficiently achieve their goals." 

Reflecting on the future for PT Biznet Gio Nusantara, Bappedyanto believes that "the company has a very bright future ahead, with our partnership with the hyperscalers and when it comes to an understanding of the local market. We know that we can bring more value to our customers who want to transform digitally by using our cloud computing services." 

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