Better Health and Safety in ConstructionAnchor

Better Health and Safety in ConstructionAnchor

Employee health and safety are crucial concerns for any construction company. Employers can often be surprised by potential dangers to employee health such as heart failure, hearing loss, and lung damage. In the 21st century, we now have to power to proactively monitor and address employee health concerns before they become more serious.


BridgeCrest is a digital platform that closely monitors and runs diagnostics from two water bottle sized mobile health devices which connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Simple to set up and use, this application stores crucial information in the cloud, where safety professionals and doctors can carefully analyze and give immediate medical reports. Additionally, the system automatically provides employers with alerts and suggestions to improve their employee productivity. This easy turnkey solution provides state of the art surveillance that can significantly reduce accidents and liability costs.


What are the credentials of this company?

BridgeCrest partners with the industry’s leading medical doctors. In developing its product, BridgeCrest works with Dr. Steven Steinhubl, Director of Digital Medicine at the Scripps Translational Science Institute. Together, Dr. Steinhubl works with the BridgeCrest Medical team to identify devices that can positively impact your employee surveillance program and bottom line.


Their system is currently in operation in the USA, Africa and South America. Besides typical use cases such as cardiac health, lung health and hearing loss the system provides rapid diagnostics to closely track the spread of drug use and infectious diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. With a global distribution network and the ability to work without cell connection, the BridgeCrest platform can operate anywhere.


How effective is this program?

Some clients have been able to save thousands of dollars in work related costs. “BridgeCrest has helped me to identify pending health problems to save on insurance costs, protecting my bottom line.” Alex Dolginov, Dolan Realty San Diego, CA.


Nathan Klarer and AJ Cawood, Co-Founders of BridgeCrest Medical, believe that the system has broad applications for the industry as a whole. “Our low cost occupational health technology platform benefits both employers and employees – it’s a win-win”.


Innovation at Hand

The BridgeCrest service differentiates itself from other devices by incorporating real-time telemedicine assistance. Suppose that an employee fractures an arm or requires immediate CPR instructions in the field. Using BridgeCrest you can receive immediate video and audio medical attention through a partnered telemedicine system that operates through the same tablet or phone used to collect diagnostic data. The company believes that as a custodian of your data they have the utmost responsibility for its integrity. The system ensures the highest standard of security and HIPAA compliant integrity.


The technology revolution for medical devices can be extended to many fields: transportation, natural resource production, and humanitarian efforts; the possibilities are endless. BridgeCrest is a true bridge for health data and actionable results to reduce work related accidents and insurer liability. This system can and should be rapidly utilized.